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Absolute Printing Equipment
Fast changeover is the key to finishing short runs of folding cartons economically. German machine manufacturer KAMA is showing what is possible, demonstrating lightning-fast job changes on its DC 76 Foil — including tool-less stripping and blanking. See video.

American International Machinery, Inc. - Signature Folder Gluers
The Signature Elite folder gluer is easily converted to produce an amazing variety of carton shapes and sizes including straightline, lockbottom, 4&6 corner and double wall cartons. The Elite is available in models 70, 90, 110, and 135, and includes standard carton alignment, a dedicated 8' prebreak section and pneumatic lift for all feed section tooling. Add the Signature Sig-Feed Prefeeder and Sig-Pack Carton Packer, for a superior inline converting system. Signature's quality design and construction provides years of continuous converting, proving itself as a wise investment. Versatile, Durable, Affordable...Signature. See video.

American International Machinery, Inc. - Signature Folder Gluers
Watch how Signature takes converting to the next level. The Signature Beverage Plus folder gluer is designed to produce various styles of bottle carriers AND can be upgraded to produce straightline, lockbottom and 4&6 corner cartons. Do it all with one inline converting system. Versatile, Durable, Affordable...Signature. See video.

Slash padding cost 80%. The Circular Padder is 6-9 times faster than manual methods. Or choose a factory on a tabletop – The PadMaster 2000. Whatever your bindery needs Brackett is there. Providing quality bindery equipment for over 100 years. See video.

Brausse Group
Brausse Group’s commitment to the folding carton industry continues with the recently launched 1060ER blanker. The design and function utilizes the latest group technology. Please enjoy the video of the new next generation 1060ER blanker from Brausse. See video.

Compact Foilers LTD
Created in conjunction with Compact Foilers, Diamond Packaging, Rochester, New York, highlights the advantages of creating cold foil effects using the CF1000PM cold foil module from Compact Foilers. Diamond Packaging was the first US installation of the module. See video.

Duplo USA Corporation
The DC-646 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser is Duplo's versatile digital color finisher providing printers the ability to create a multitude of unique full-bleed applications with more efficiency and flexibility. Performing up to eight slits, 25 cuts and 20 creases in a single pass, the DC-646 eliminates white borders and prevents toner cracking on fold lines up to 30 sheets per minute and also offers optional rotary tool and cross perforating modules, both with strike-perforating capabilities, for increased versatility. With the DC-646, users can produce 24-up business cards on 12" x 18" or 36-up on 14" x 26" paper sizes, slit-score greeting cards, micro-perforated coupons, direct mailers with tear-away cards, and much more! See video.

The Ultimate narrow web solution! Gietz ROFO450
  • High-speed productivity – up to 500fpm
  • Large stamping surface – 17x24"
  • Highest pressure – 143 tons
  • High-performance VACUFOIL foil transportation system
  • From 1" to 17" wide foil webs with FOIL SAVING
  • Up to four foil feeds longitudinal or transverse
  • Hologram capabilities
  • Can be easily integrated into any new or existing press
See video.

Metal Magic
Metal Magic produces copper foil stamping dies, embossing and debossing dies and double etch or reflection dies. It also makes brass dies for multilevel sculpted dies used for embossing or debossing, combination dies for embossing or debossing and foil stamping at the same time, brass dies for inline embossing, as well as duplicate dies and pre-cast counters. See video.

Rollem International
Insignia7 running a 1-up 25x17” folder layout on 18pt or 330gsm card stock. Sheets are fed, registered, and then cut and scored. Once sheet is cut it moves onto a vacuum table which is the beginning of the waste stripping unit. From there, piece is removed from skeleton & sent on directly into a folder/gluer unit or onto a conveyor table for collection. This demo speeds up to 2,900 sph. See video.

Rollem International
Rollem's newest release, the JetSlit, delivers the highest cut quality available today. Designed for high-volume cutting, the system's patented strike feature ties the sheet together in one direction while utilizing new 9" diameter blades for unparalleled accuracy. Video shows 24-up business card processing at 4,000 sheets or 96,000 cards per hour! Ideal for slitting any multiple-up products plus it’s standard with perforating and scoring. See video.

Rollem International
Insignia6 model from Rollem die cuts a 30 pt. dual side laminated carrier with perf-out ID card. 9-up carriers are on a 13x19” sheet. Insignia is the only flexo-magnetic die cutter in its class capable of die cutting 30 pt. stocks. See video.

Standard Finishing Systems
The SmartSlitter is an all-in-one smart sheet processing system that can slit, gutter cut, edge trim, cross-cut, perforate and crease all in one pass. Perforation and creasing can be performed in both horizontal and vertical directions in the same pass. Skip perforation is also available for producing T-perfs and L-perfs which are ideal for coupon and ticket applications as well as business reply cards. The system can deliver multiple up greeting cards with or without creasing, business cards, invitations, and much more with both matrix and rotary creasing. Designed for both offset and digitally printed output, the system comes equipped with print mark registration to accommodate image shift in both directions. And, in legendary Horizon style, the color touchscreen monitor features a simple user interface for easy operation including job setup via barcode. See video.

Sun Chemical
The video shows how the wide range of colorful solutions Sun Chemical manufactures, including inks, pigments, coatings, and adhesives, are used on a variety of applications including: food packaging, labels, credit cards, publications, cosmetics, automotive interiors and exteriors, building wraps, plastics and more. See video.

The THERM-O-TYPE NSF Excel's capabilities include flat foil stamping, blind and foil embossing, diecutting, kisscutting, perforating, scoring, imprinting, numbering and high-speed foil fusing (HSFF). Typical applications include greeting cards, business cards, stationery, invitations and announcements and commercial letterpress work, as well as diecutting and enhancing digital output. Customers can efficiently produce work at speeds up to 5,000 sheets per hour. See video.

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