InsideFinishing Archive

The following articles were originally published in InsideFinishing, a niche-market magazine that targeted graphic finishers, label manufacturers, carton manufacturers and more with a focus on decorating technologies, including foil stamping, embossing, cold foil technologies, specialty coatings, laminates and laser cutting.

InsideFinishing ceased publication at the end of 2014, when it merged with The Binding Edge, another trade publication that covered the binding and loose leaf industries, including trade binderies, commercial printing facilities with in-house binding and finishing capabilities, book production facilities and manufacturers of loose leaf products.

November/December 2014

FSEA Studies Impact of High-Visibility Enhancements
by InsideFinishing

Clamshell Safety Standards Evolve
by Rob Weidhaas, Jr., My Press Needs LLC

Thoro Packaging: Building Brands from the Inside Out
by Melissa DeDonder

Finishing Adds Structure to Paper Architecture at Geomancy
by Kym Conis

GRAPH EXPO 14 Provides Stage for Technology Introductions
by InsideFinishing

FSEA Notebook
by The Foil & Specialty Effects Association

University Offers World’s Only Bachelor’s Degree with Emphasis in Engraving
by Jan Biles, The Topeka Capital-Journal

Tech Watch: UEI Group’s SpeedChase
by Jen Clark

Graphics of the Americas Returns to Miami Beach
by InsideFinishing

August/September 2014

A Closer Look at CNC-Engraved Dies
by David Bohne, h+m USA

Q&A: Overcoming Adhesive Challenges in the Folding/Gluing Process
by Staff

UV-Coating Adds Appeal to Labels
by Chris Calomino, ACTEGA Kelstar

May/June 2014

Rotary Application Highlights
by Jen Clark

Delegation Trains Everyone
by Justin Tyme

Q&A: Maximize Profits with Accurate Estimating
by Mark Porter, Dienamic MIS

Maximizing CDI Technology to Enhance and Protect Brands
by Nigel Abraham, 3DCD, LLC. (Diffractive Arts)

Lifetime Achievement Award – Robert Waitts
by Staff

Sterling Toggle Die Positioning System
by Jen Clark

February/March 2014

Q&A: Advances in Folding Carton Quality Control Systems
by Chris Leary, W.H. Leary

Finishing Options for Digitally Printed Labels
by Jeff Peterson

High-Speed Foil Fusing
by Jen Clark

JohnsByrne Company: Pressing the Limits
by Kym Conis

The Economy and Print Markets in 2014-2015
by Staff

UV-LED Inkjet Technology Offers Solutions for Optimal Prototyping
by Roland DGA Corp.

November/December 2013

Q&A: Laminating Films
by Francis Shea, M. Digital, Inc.

Laser Cutting Systems for Dieboards
by Mike Adams, Adams Technologies, Inc.

Make Rotary Foil Stamping Profitable
by Tom Kirtz, Telstar Engineering

August/September 2013

Building a Defense for Your OSHA Compliance
by Rick Hartwig, Printing Industries of America

Q&A: Decorative Laser Cutting for the Trade
by Staff

High-Visibility Enhancements Seeing Strong Growth
by Jeff Peterson

May/June 2013

Q&A: Overprinting on White Foil
by Staff

The Growth of Narrow Web Inline Foil Applications
by Dianna Brodine

February/March 2013

Planning to Reduce Foil Waste
by Staff

Q&A: Rotary Hot Stamping Dies and Tooling
by Staff

November/December 2012

Ejection Rubber Dilemma: Durometer or Compression/Deflection?
by David West, Essential Products, Inc.

Q&A: UV Film Casting
by Staff

August/September 2012

Foil Stamping/Embossing Efficiencies More Important than Ever
by Jeff Peterson

Q&A: Gluing Systems
by Staff

Steps for Successful Succession Planning
by Patrick F. McNally, Blackman Kallick

May/June 2012

Where Finishing Ends
by Victor Bell, Environmental Packaging International

Why Be Remarkable at All?
by Eric Keiles, Square 2 Marketing Strategies

February/March 2012

Lifetime Achievement Award – It’s All About the Sizzle – Harry Voss
by Amy Bauer

Q&A: Laser Cutting
by Staff

Options Expanding for Decoration Beyond Print
by Jeff Peterson

November/December 2011

Q&A: Foil and Embossing Engravings
by Staff

Holographic Foil and Other Enhancements lend sales boost to AWG Private-Label Packages
by Staff

Holography’s Continuing Contribution to Improved Odds
by Ian M. Lancaster; Reconnaissance International

August/September 2011

GreenBlue® Reports on Sustainability of Decorative Processes on Paperboard
by Staff

Short-Run Finishing Technology More Important Than Ever
by Staff

The New Generation of Gluing Standards
by Christopher M. Leary, W.H. Leary Co., Inc.

May/June 2011

Embracing the Challenges of Digital Print Finishing
by Staff

Q&A: Green-er UV Coatings
by Staff

February/March 2011

Basic Rubbering Techniques
by Roger A. Brown, Monroe Rubber & Plastic, Inc.

CPSIA and its Implications for Finishers
by Staff

Q&A: Makeready Efficiencies in Foil Stamping/Embossing
by Staff

November/December 2010

Advancements in Technology Drive Holography Trends
by Staff

Q&A: Laminating Films
by Staff

August/September 2010

Q&A: CNC Tooling Software for CNC Engravings
by Staff

It’s All About Time : Optimizing Production Efficiencies
by Chris Raney, VP Business Unit Sheet Fed, Bobst Group North America

The Sustainable Facts about Metalized Decorating Techniques
by Jeff Peterson, Executive Director, FSEA and David Hutchison, CEO/Managing Member, BrightMARKS, LLC

May/June 2010

Q&A: Digital Printing and Lamination
by Imants Ejup, Director R&D, Business Development, Transilwrap Company, Inc.

Growth Opportunities Paint New Print Finishing Landscape
by Jeff Peterson

February/March 2010

Lifetime Achievement Award – A Journey of Knowledge – Ed Hughes
by Kym Conis

Q&A: Foil Stamping/Diecutting on Cylinder Presses
by Staff

Modern Folding and Gluing Technologies Take Their Cue from Innovative Carton Design
by Dan Maurer, Heidelberg USA, and Beatrice Schmitt, Heidelberger Druckmachinen AG

November/December 2009

Q&A: Makeready and Set-Up for Large Format Combination Stamping
by Staff

Specialty UV Coatings: The “Finishing Touch” for Off-Line Finishing Projects
by Kris Getty, Henkel Corporation

August/September 2009

High Speed Foil Fusing
by By Chris VanPelt, Therm-O-Type

Q&A: One-Pass Embossing and Diecutting
by Metal Magic

May/June 2009

Braille Standards Soon to Become Commonplace
by Staff

Trends in Laser Cutting Applications
by By Tom Hrutky, Creative Director, Laser Excel

February/March 2009

New Processes Provide Decorative Choices
by Jeff Peterson

Q&A: Strategies for Optimal Diecutting
by Kevin Carey, DieInfo

November/December 2009

Ancillary Equipment Key to Folding/Gluing Success
by Jeff Peterson

Now there is Proof– Foil Can be a Sustainable Choice
by Jeff Peterson

The Top 10 Traps in OSHA Compliance
by Renée Varella

August/September 2009

Pathways to Green: An Introduction for the Print Finishing Industry
by Reneé Varella

Q&A: Working with Difficult-to-Stamp Surfaces
by Staff

May/June 2008

Eliminating Static with Diecutting
by Mark Baril, Cut Smart Manufacturing, Inc.

OSHA Publications and Posters
by Staff

February/March 2008

Lifetime Achievement Award – A Lifetime of Customers, Generations of Friends – Fred Isler
by Reneé Varella

Guidelines for UV Coating Applications
by Kenneth Corman, Westlam

Leadership in Paper and the Environment
by Derek Smith

November/December 2007

Q&A: Exploring Options with Thermal Film Laminating
by Bob Polanzi, Protect-all

Registered Holograms for Short-Run Work
by Jeff Peterson

August/September 2007

Don’t Come Unstuck Over Folding and Gluing
by Uvan Magni, Technical Product Manager, Bobst Group North America

Q&A: Storing and Handling Foil Stamping and Embossing Dies
by Staff

May/June 2007

Diecutters Rise to the Challenge as Short Runs Proliferate
by Ralph Pasquariello

Q&A: Working with In-line Registered Embossing
by Jeff Peterson

February/March 2007

Database Marketing is an Art Form
by BMA Knowledge Base, Business Marketing Association

Lifetime Achievement Award – Pioneering Territories Unknown – John Tinnon
by Kym Conis

Plastic Sheets: Converting a Different Animal
by Jeff Peterson

November/December 2006

Cold Foil Technology: Opening New Markets
by Kym Conis

Improve Productivity on the Shop Floor (Part 2)
by Raymond J. Prince, Senior Technical Consultant, PIA/GATF

Workplace Safety – Is It a Benefit or a Curse?
by Bill Effron, President, Alco Print Finishers

August/September 2006

Q&A: Ancillary Systems for Folding-Gluing Equipment Continue to Change
by Staff

Improve Productivity on the Shop Floor (Part 1)
by Raymond J. Prince, Senior Technical Consultant, PIA/GATF

May/June 2006

It’s Time to Fine Tune Your Business Insurance
Provided by Sentry Insurance

Q&A: UV Coatings and Inks
by Staff

February/March 2006

Q&A: A Closer Look at CNC Engraving Technology
by Staff

Lifetime Achievement Award – A Guiding Light – Tom Cullen
by Kym Conis

Self-Leveling Combination Foil Stamping and Embossing Makeready
by Jim Kingsby

November/December 2005

InsideFinishing’s 10th Anniversary Celebration – A Snapshot View
by Kym Conis

Managers: Rid Your Sales Team of Parasites
by Landy Chase

The Passing of the Guard – a Tribute to the Entrepreneurs of Holography
by Staff

August/September 2005

Trends and Styles in Folding and Gluing
by Alan Thompson

Why Do You Need a Radiometer for UV Coating?
by Staff

May/June 2005

Manage the Cost of Quoting
by Dave Fellman

Stripping Tool Design and Fabrication Considerations in Automatic Platen Diecutting
by Dan Witucki, Advanced Die Supplies

February/March 2005

Q&A: A Closer Look at Laminating Films
by Staff

November/December 2004

Faith in Numbers – The Changing Demographics of the Printing Industry Reflect its Many Challenges and Opportunities
by Richard Romano Special Report   November-December, 2004

Die Lock-up Holding Tight with the Times
by Jeff Peterson

Embossed Holography Made Affordable in Low Production Runs
by Peter Scheir

August/September 2004

A Closer Look into Foil Stamping and Embossing
by Jeff Peterson

Q&A: Working with Pocket Folder Challenges on a Folder/Gluer
by Staff

May/June 2004

Automated Rule Bending Systems
by Robert L. Carter

Foil Stamping Strengthens Brand Identity – It’s a Fact!
by Elliot Young

February/March 2004

Lifetime Achievement Award: A Man of Vision – Glenn Hutchison
by Staff

Tackling Multiple Pass Registration on a Cylinder
by Jim Kingsby

November/December 2004

New Tax Laws Provide Added Incentive for Capital Equipment Purchases
by Staff

Q&A: Solving Film Laminating Challenges
by Staff

August/September 2003

Tackling Multiple Pass Registration
by Jim Kingsby

Q&A: What to Look for When Making a New Folder/Gluer Purchase
by Staff

May/June 2003

Changing with the Times – Technology Advancement in Die Making
by Bruce Byrne, Southeastern Die

Sometimes the Easiest Way to Increase Sales and your Bottom Line is RIght Under your Nose
by Mark Porter

February/March 2003

Identifying Useful Information for Long-term Planning
by David S. Hutchison

Q&A: Safety Issues With Foil Stamping Presses
by Staff

November/December 2002

A Rose by Any Other Name
by Oliver Moesgen

Q&A: Guide to Selecting Steel Rule
by Mark Batson Baril

August/September 2002

Getting Your Folder/Gluer Organized
by Staff

Q&A: Safety and Handling of UV Coatings
by Staff

May/June 2002

Diecutter/Diemaker Communication – Success or Failure in Business
by Robert A. Larson

Q&A: Knowing the Ins and Outs of Used Equipment
by Staff

February/March 2002

New Innovations with Film Laminating
by Jeff Peterson

Q&A: The ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ of Digital Artwork: What the Diemaker Needs
by Kym Conis

November/December 2001

Q&A: Challenges with Mounting/Laminating
by Jeff Peterson

Hologram Registration Mark Design
by Terry Gallagher of Total Register, Inc.

August/September 2001

“In-Line” Becoming the “In” Thing
by Jeff Peterson

Q&A: Decreasing Downtime on Your Foil Stamping Press
by Chris Van Pelt

May/June 2001

Q&A: Automation and Computerization with Fold/Gluing Equipment
by Jeff Peterson

Should You Have an In-Plant Dieshop? No and Yes
by Robert Larson, President of Larson Worldwide, Inc.

February/March 2001

Q&A: Awareness of Potential Hot Stamping Foil Challenges 
by Jeff Peterson

New Innovations Take Center Stage at FSEA Conference 
by Staff

November/December 2000

Q&A: Challenges with Mounting/Laminating
by Jeff Peterson

Holograms Becoming Feasible Option
by Allen Rhody

August/September 2000

Film Laminating – Moving into the Automated Age
by Jeff Peterson

Q&A: Folding/Gluing Folding Cartons – Those Unforeseen Challenges 
by Staff

May/June 2000

Diecutting Pre-Makeready: Racing Toward Success 
by John Maddox, Simonds Notting

Q&A: Is UV-Coating the Right Choice for You? 
by Jeff Peterson

February/March 2000

Q&A: Die Lockup Methods 
by Jeff Peterson

Foil vs Foilboard 
by Kym Conis

November/December 1999

Q&A: Embossing Techniques 
by Jeff Peterson Question and Answer

Lamination-Taking on a New Face
by Staff

August/September 1999

Capital Equipment – When Should I Buy? 
by Jeff Peterson

Q&A: Challenges with Folding/Gluing CD Wallets 
by Jeff Peterson

May/June 1999

Q&A: Preventing Air Entrapment and Gassing with Foil 
by Paul Miller

Who’s Making the Rules? 
by Mark Batson Baril

February/March 1999

Foil Stamping Image Holograms
by Christopher Van Pelt

Making That Engraving Choice
by Jeff Peterson

November/December 1998

Application Equipment at the Dawn of a High-Speed Age
by Jeff Peterson

Q&A: What is the ANSI B65.5-1996 & How Does it Affect Me?
by Robert Weidhaas, Jr. of Preco Industries, Inc.

August/September 1998

Saving Time on Set-up
by Carla Davenport

May/June 1998

Integrating the Graphic and Diecutting Processes
by Kevin B. Carey

Q&A: Meeting the Challenge of UV Coatings & Hot Stamping Foil
by Staff

August/September 1996

Q&A: What should a buyer look for when considering the purchase of folding/gluing equipment?
by Staff

May/June 1996

What Sets UV, Aqueous and Laminates Apart?
by Staff

Q&A: What type of safety standards are available for graphic finishing operations?
by Staff

February/March 1996

The Development and Use of Embossing in Steel Rule Cutting Dies
by March Love, Atlas Die, Inc.

Q&A: What are my concerns when overprinting foil?
by Staff

November/December 1995

Recovery options for hot stamping foil scrap 
by Staff

Q&A: What type of system is recommended for storing steel rule dies? 
by Staff

August/September 1995

Q&A: How do I begin a maintenance program for my stamping and die cutting equipment? 
by Staff

Photoengraving options for today’s graphic finishers
by Staff

May/June 1995

Call Security! Anti-Counterfeit Protection Opens New Opportunities 
by Staff

Q&A: How do I get the most out of my multi-level embossing?
by Staff

February/March 1995

Q&A: How can I stamp a large solid and fine type together in the same pass?
by Staff