The Binding Edge Archive

The following articles were originally published in The Binding Edge, a niche-market magazine that covered the binding and loose leaf industries, including trade binderies, commercial printing facilities with in-house binding and finishing capabilities, book production facilities and manufacturers of loose leaf products.

The Binding Edge ceased publication at the end of 2014, when it merged with InsideFinishing, another trade publication that targeted graphic finishers, label manufacturers, carton manufacturers and more.

Fall 2014

Survey: Industry Profits Decline Slightly
by Stuart Margolis, of Margolis Partners; and Ed Gleeson, of Printing Industries of America

Holum & Sons’ Holiday Box Earns Industry Accolades
by Jen Clark

The Splurge/Save Strategy
by Trish Witkowski,

GRAPH EXPO 14 Provides Stage for Technology Introductions
by Dianna Brodine

Planning for Plastic Spiral Binding
by Anna C. Massey, Gateway Bookbinding Systems Ltd.

Digital Printing Leads to Print Finishing Opportunities
by Marco Bigianti and Andreas Lanter, Bielomatik-Matti AG

Using the P.L.U.S.H. Sales Process Methodology
by Chuck Reaves

BIA Notebook

Summer 2014

Collaboration Brings Brian Wonders to Life
by Jen Clark

The Binding Edge

2014 BIA Product of Excellence Award Winners
The Binding Edge

Making the Cut: Diecutting Ideas and Strategies for Mail and Marketing
by Trish Witkowski

Pacific Bindery Services Showcases Its Own Skills
by Dianna Brodine

BIA Notebook
Binding Industries Association

Spring 2014

A New Beginning at Phillips Graphic Finishing
by Jen Clark

Low-Budget Wonders: Get the Look of Specialty without the Price Tag
by Trish Witkowski,

Binders Urged to be Aware of Legislation Affecting the Industry
The Binding Edge

Book Binders Find Life in the Digital Age
by Dianna Brodine

Communicate and Prosper
by Helen Wilkie, MHW Communications

Dale Reindl Inducted into the BIA Hall of Fame
The Binding Edge

BIA Annual Conference a Success in Dallas
Binding Industries Association

BIA Notebook
Binding Industries Association

Winter 2014

New Ownership Takes Hold at Seattle Bindery & Finishing
by Jen Clark

Sizing Up Postpress: Impact of Electronic Technologies on Postpress Manufacturers

Responding to Print Industry Changes
by Si Nguyen, Duplo USA

Q&A: Preventing Transit Marking
by Kevin Rickard, Rickard Bindery

The Marriage of Board and Adhesives
by Dave Senter, Eska Graphic Board

The Economy and Print Markets in 2014-2015
by Dr. Ronnie H. Davis, PIA

Speakers Slated for the 2014 BIA Annual Conference
by The Binding Industries Association

BIA Notebook
by The Binding Industries Association

Fall 2013

Family Ties at Reindl Bindery Company
by Jen Clark

The Secrets behind Award-Winning Projects
by Melissa DeDonder

Choosing a Mechanical Binding Method: Plastic Coil or Wire?
by Jen Clark

Increase Stacking Capability without Compromise
by Ken Troemel and Kevin Coldren, Simco-Ion

Q&A: Paper Punching
by The Binding Edge

Management: Energize to Optimize
by John Daly

2014 Product of Excellence Awards – Enter Now!
by The Binding Industries Association

BIA Notebook
by The Binding Industries Association

Summer 2013

Allied Bindery: Bound for Excellence
by Jen Clark

Saddlestitching Industry Evolves as Some Printers Move Function In-House
by Jen Clark

PRINT 13 Innovates at Chicago’s McCormick Place
by The Binding Edge

Creating Energy Efficiency in the Bindery
by Melissa DeDonder

The End User – Fair Game or Game Over?
by John Mascari and Kelly Mallozzi, Specialty Finishing Group, Inc.

Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage
by by Ken Garner, Association of Marketing Service Providers

Two Steps to Efficient Riveter Set-Up
by Ted Rumatz, Bensons International Systems

BIA Notebook
by BIA

Spring 2013

Silvanus: Artisans in Custom Packaging
by Jen Clark

Advocacy Agenda for the 113th Congress
by Lisbeth Lyons, Printing Industries of America

Q&A: Book Trimming in the On Demand Age
by Staff

Challenges in Perfect Binding
by Jen Clark

BIA Annual Conference Held in Indianapolis
by BIA

Building a Defense for OSHA Compliance
by Rick Hartwig, Printing Industries of America

Product of Excellence Awards Presented
by BIA

Save the Date!
by BIA

BIA Notebook
by BIA

Winter 2013

Camera-Based Inspection Systems Add Quality Assurance to Print Finishing
by Dan Desmond, Standard Finishing Systems

Dillon Bindery Stakes a Claim with Open Pot PUR
by Jen Clark

Folding Machinery Programmed for Efficiency
by Staff

Looking into the Future of Loose Leaf Production
by Jen Clark

Special Report: Charting a Path for 2013–2014
by Dr. Ronnie H. Davis and Ed Gleeson, Printing Industries of America

Fall 2012

Coyne Graphic Finishing Mastering the Art of Diversification
by Melissa DeDonder

From Surviving to Thriving: Lessons Learned When Adding Services to the Bindery
by Melissa DeDonder

The Mechanics of Delivering Online Value
by Landy Chase

Troubleshooting Common Cutting Problems
by Jen Clark

Summer 2012

A Closer Look at Stitching Wire
by Kris Shaw, WCJ Pilgrim Wire

Casebound Lessons: Learning from the Leaders
by Jen Clark

How to Close Sales That Are Over the Budget
by Landy Chase, MBA, CSP

Metallic Finishes and Bindery Challenges
by Jeff Peterson

Solar Panel Installation at Spiral James Burn
by Jen Clark

Specialty Finishing Group Embraces Efficiencies and Marks Record Years
by Amy Bauer

Spring 2012

Following Up: Use Voicemail to Your Advantage
by TJ Tedesco, Grow Sales, Inc.

Metal and Plastic Rings
by Jen Clark

On Demand Evolution
by Jen Clark

Your Bindery Finishing: Humble Beginnings, Aggressive Growth
by By Melissa DeDonder

Winter 2012

Cautious Optimism Marks 2012 for Binders
by Jen Clark

Diverse Services Position Midwest Binder for Success
by Amy Bauer

Quality Control in the Bindery
by Dan Maurer, Rob Kuehl and Steven Calov, Heidelberg

The Economy and Print in 2012-2013
by Dr. Ronnie H. Davis, Printing Industries of America

The Importance of Stitching Wire
by Harry Lewis, Dorstener Wire Tech

Understanding Business Strategic Planning
by Kenneth B. Lerman

Fall 2011

Application Highlights
by Staff

From Partnering with Printers to Achieving Independent Certification
by Amy Bauer

Holum & Sons Company, Inc. – Innovating Into the Future
by Melissa DeDonder

Mechanical Binding Reacts to Changes in the Market
by Staff

Summer 2011

ecoGenesis Allows RF Welding of Green Materials
by Amy Bauer

Perfect Binding for Digital Print
by Steven Calov, Heidelberg USA

Sacred Cows in an Economic Downturn
by Ed Rigsbee

The Riverside Group – Adapting to Change & Investing in the Future
by Melissa DeDonder

Spring 2011

Cloth Covers All the Rage…Again
by Dianna Brodine

Eckhart & Company: Diverse Services Under One Roof
by Amy Bauer

Sales Tips: Fundamentals Beat Flash
by Dave Fellman

Specialty Folding Finds its Groove
by Trish Witkowski,

Travel & Tourism Industry Incorporates Intricate Folding
by Melissa DeDonder

Winter 2011

Directions for New Leadership
by Richard G. Ensman, Jr.

Merging Tradition with Progress at Roswell Bookbinding
by Amy Bauer

Moving Past the Great Recession: Print’s Recovery Path for 2011–2012 and Beyond
by Dr. Ronnie H. Davis and Ed Gleeson

Production Digital Print: Changing the Feeding & Finishing Market
by Jim Hamilton, InfoTrends

Fall 2010

Digital Storm: Digital Print in the Offset World
by Julie Shaffer, Printing Industries of America

Finish On Demand Solves Today’s Short-Turnaround Bindery Challenges
by Staff

Retain Your Most Valuable Asset: Employees
by Janet Dunnichay

Viewing the Storm from the Binding and Finishing Perspective
by Kris Bovay, BIA Board of Directors President

Summer 2010

A Supplier’s Take: Meeting the Needs of Binders
by Renée Varella

Advantage Book Binding: 25 Years Young
by Dianna Brodine

Job Costing: Know Your Costs, Know Your Profits
by Mark Porter, Diemanic MIS

New Technologies in Cutting and Trimming
by Amy Bauer

Print Grows Trees
by Kerry C. Stackpole, CAE

The Art of Traditional Bookbinding in a Fast-Paced World
by Renée Varella

Spring 2010

Adhesives in the Bindery: Environmental Impact
by Ken Kroeger, PH.D., L.D. Davis Industries, Inc.

Applying Lean Manufacturing to Binding at Duraweld Ltd.
by Staff

Fulfillment: Measuring Your Performance
by Tom Quinn

Troubled Times Demand Dynamic Supplier Relationships
by Renée A. Varella

Where are they now? A Look Back…and Forward…with Three Former Spotlight Companies
by Dianna Brodine

Winter 2010

Adhesives in the Bindery: An Overview
by Ken Kroeger, Ph.D.

CPSIA and Its Implications for Binderies
by Staff

Disaster Recovery Solutions for Business Continuity
by Dawn Warner

Napco: Changing the Game of Loose Leaf
by Dianna Brodine

New Year’s Revelations: Updating the Outlook for Print in 2010–2011
by Dr. Ronnie H. Davis

Fall 2009

Delivery Management: Increase Productivity, Customer Service, and Profitability
by Mark Porter, Dienamic MIS Software, Inc.

In-line Finishing Techniques Enhanced with the Use of Electrostatics
by Ken Troemel, Andy Grzesik, and Mark Blitshteyn, MKS Ion Industrial

Seaboard Bindery Writes Its Own Story
by Dianna Brodine

Targeted Bindery Automation
by Brad Emerson,

Summer 2009

Best Practices for Paper Cutter Knives
by Woody Powers II, Jorson & Carlson

Cadillac Looseleaf Products: Loose Leaf Goes Digital In Detroit
by Dianna Brodine

Custom Binding: Dedicated Customer Service Meets DIY Convenience
by Renée Varella

Financial Metrics for Managers
by Gerry A. Michael, CPA, CMA, MBA

Pay It Forward with Needed Training and Preventive Maintenance
by Steven Calov, Heidelberg USA

Perfect Binding Technology Follows the Digital Flow
by James Tressler, C.P. Bourg, Inc.

Spring 2009

Diecrafters, Inc.: Common Sense Leadership, Steady Growth
by Bob Windler

Five Strategies for Guaranteeing Customer Loyalty
by Robert W. Lucas, Creative Presentation Resources

Folding Gets Futuristic: Embracing Technology for Ultimate Efficiency
by Trish Witkowski, Finishing Experts Group, Inc.

Investing in Energy-Saving Improvements
by Ryan Thompson, Murphy Company

The ‘Green’ Direction: Binding and Loose Leaf Companies Weigh in on Sustainability
by Renée Varella

Winter 2009

Binders Gone Wild: What do custom loose leaf manufacturers do when good binders go bad?
by Jeff Hunter, Federal Looseleaf

Stability and Service at Vulcan Information Packaging
by Dianna Brodine

Surviving a Recession: Keeping Profits Up When the Economy is Down
by Hugh Pinkus, Proudfoot Consulting

Using Electrostatics to Increase Speed and Quality in the Bindery – Providing solid magazine and catalog bundles without slowing down your line
by By Ken Troemel, Andy Grzesik, and Mark Blitshteyn, MKS Ion Industrial

Fall 2008

10 Steps to Providing Fulfillment Services
by Tom Quinn, Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA)

7 Keys to Creating a Customer-focused Culture – Walking the Talk of Your Mission Statement
by Jeff Mowatt

80 Years Young at Dekker Bookbinding
by Dianna Brodine

Cover Materials Go ‘Green’
by Dianna Brodine

Cutting for Efficiency
by Rob Kuehl, Director of Product Management, Heidelberg USA, Inc.

Innovations In Collating Equipment
by Renée Varella

Summer 2008

Gold Medal Success at Olympic Bindery
by Dianna Brodine

Mailing and Fulfillment Services in the Bindery
by Tom Quinn, Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA)

Perspectives: China’s Influence on the Loose Leaf Industry
by Scott Caplain and Jeff Hunter

Spring 2008

Bindagraphics: Aggressive Growth, Progressive Education
by Dianna Brodine

Making the Decision: Is Adding Services Right for You?
by Dianna Brodine

Using the Right Glue for the Right Application
by B&R Moll, Inc.

Winter 2008

Duraweld: A View Across the Pond
by Staff

Family Binding Finds Opportunity in Changing Market
by Dianna Brodine

Saddlestitching Technologies Save Time and Money
by Renée Varella

The BIA: Rebuilding a Trade Association
by BIA Board of Directors

Fall 2007

Estimating and Selling Are Two Different Functions
by Mark Porter, Dienamic MIS

Investing in Equipment: Look Before You Leap
by Brian J. Marder

Making a Lasting Impression at Binderyonics
by Dianna Brodine

Why Automate the Folding Function?
by Mark Pellman, BAUM

Summer 2007

BJ Bindery: Taking a Risk, Reaping the Rewards
by Dianna Brodine

Fast Impressions with Digital Printing
by Glenn Schelich, Trends Presentation Products

JDF-based Print Production Workflow
by James J. Mauro, Prinect Product Manager, Heidelberg USA, Inc.

Living in the Mechanical World
by Staff

Plastic Spiral Binding – Problems Solved!
by Anna C. Massey, Gateway Bookbinding Systems Ltd.

Spring 2007

Creative Choices for Distinctive Products
by Dianna Brodine

Q&A: Challenges in Perfect Binding
by Staff

RFID: The Future in Book Technology
by Dennis Dehainaut, BindTech, Inc.

Seidl’s Bindery: Where No Is Not an Option
by Dianna Brodine

Trade Show Exhibiting: How to Be a Star Performer
by Dana King

Winter 2007

Bindery Layout Advantages and Benefits
by Brad Emerson

Compton Presentation Systems: Linking the Traditions of the Past with the Opportunities of the Future
by Dianna Brodine

Custom-made Turned Edge Binders: Judging a Book by Its Cover
by Brad Emerson

Keep Your Eye on the Competition
by Richard Ensman

Fall 2006

Automating Your Bindery: What Equipment Do You Need to Drive Your 2007 Business Goals?
by Nancy Lowther

Disasters: Be Prepared
by Richard Ensman

Evaluating Cover Material Options
by Ivana Bevacqua

Rickard Bindery: A Century of Folding Solutions
by Dianna Brodine

Summer 2006

Determining the Right Ring Mechanism for the Job
by Alex Lintzenich, US Ring

Getting Involved in Your Community
by Dianna Brodine

Safety in the Bindery and Finishing Department  
by Frederick Hartwig

Spring 2006

Dealing with Static Electricity
by Scott Shelton

New Technologies in Cutting & Trimming
by Dianna Brodine

Planning for Internet Success
by Mary Napier

The Benefits of Pick and Place Automation for Vinyl Binding Manufacturing
by Ken Sherman

Winter 2006

Perfect Binding Equipment Answers Need for Speed and Flexibility
by Staff

Q&A: Radio Frequency Heat Sealing
by Andy Oliner

Fall 2005

Bindery and Digital Printing Combine at PRINT 05
by Jeff Peterson

Vinyl Compatibility: What You Should Know and What You Can Do
by Sheldon Cohen

What’s Special about Specialty Folding?
by Kevin Rickard

Summer 2005

Maximizing Yields in the Bindery
by Kevin Rickard

Plastic Spiral Binding
by Anna C. Massey

Spring 2005

Building Profit Through Accounts Receivable Practices
by Andrea Schlack

Postpress Integration: CIM-plicity Itself
by Larry Tanowitz

Smart Packaging: Turned-Edge Loose Leaf Binders
by Joe Anderson