drupa 2016 has Something for Everyone

by Lara Copeland, assistant editor, PostPress

drupa, the world’s leading trade fair for print and cross-media solutions, will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany, this summer. The 11-day conference starts May 31 and features around 1,500 exhibitors from over 50 countries who will be presenting brand-new business models, best-practice examples, forward-looking concepts and technological innovations and solutions for businesses. The focus will be on industrial and functional printing solutions.

drupa 2016 offers individual exhibitors a place to showcase their products, technologies and much more. As Mark Hoffmann, member of the KURZ managing board, explained, “Besides the chance to present the latest and most innovative products and services from KURZ, drupa is the ideal platform to learn about the prevailing needs of the industry.” There will be many special exhibits that will allow visitors to explore the latest design and production solutions, such as drupacity, drupa innovation park (dip!), drupa cube, touchpoint packaging and PEPSO – Printed Electronics.

Digital printing will continue to be a growing area at drupa. “I believe that many of the package printing houses are very curious to see what will be happening at drupa with short-run finishing and embellishment technologies,” stated Hansjoerg Gietz, managing director of Gietz AG. “Some have already purchased digital equipment, but lack the postpress section to handle short runs produced on digital printing machines efficiently.” Gietz will be demonstrating equipment for foil stamping short-run work with special registration technology to each printed sheet.

Many companies consider drupa to be the most important show in the printing industry because it offers a unique opportunity for companies to meet many of their global customers and experience industry developments. Programs like drupacity provide visitors, exhibitors and citizens of Düsseldorf a chance to experience the trends of the tradeshow in real settings. Selected hotels, shopping arcades and restaurateurs are committed to the initiative and showcase events specifically created for the program. Another facet of the tradeshow, the drupa innovation park (dip!), will feature approximately 130 international exhibitors, and they will present their innovations and market-ready solutions in several venues. Six “theme parks” will provide concrete guides to technology, communication and business topics and introduce possible applications. PEPSO, a topic of great interest at drupa 2012, will again be prominently represented within the scope of drupa 2016 – especially at dip!

Furthermore, the trade fair again will showcase the drupa cube to connect print professionals with their creative agency, marketing and brand owner clients across a variety of vertical markets. Instead of being organized by target groups as in years past, this year the program is based on six key drupa 2016 themes. drupa cube will address selected markets including the food, consumer goods, interior design, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, as well as the financial and public sectors. There will be a special day of the conference for advertising agencies, designers and marketers, aptly titled, The W&V Creative Day. It is a half-day conference and guided tour featuring top-class experts in design, digital publishing, printing, imaging and video.

One of the key highlight topics at drupa 2016 will be packaging production. Packaging with sensory appeal combined with notable finishing techniques turns packaging into first-class advertising media. A separate special portion of the show, Touchpoint Packaging, reflects this market relevance. This dedicated space reveals the future of packaging production and design for four main vertical markets. It is designed as four futuristic working laboratories that will provide information and offer opportunities for interaction, dialogue and communication in exhibition platforms, at interactive information desks, during workshops and during presentations or panel discussions. Exhibitors like Hoffmann look forward to programs like this, explaining, “We are excited to have dialogue with our visitors in Düsseldorf. Cooperating with partners before, during and after the show is another high value of drupa.”

For more information about drupa 2016, visit www.drupa.com.