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Book Automation Unit Sews Traditional Signatures, Digital Sheets


The Universe Digitaline by Italian manufacturer Meccanotecnica is available in the US from Book Automation, New Milford, CT.

The Universe Digitaline from Italian manufacturer Meccanotecnica is a fully automatic book sewing unit that handles traditional offset signatures, digital flat sheets or a combination of the two.

Featuring a modular design, the Universe Digitaline can be tailored according to the production requirements and space availability of each customer. It can have a short or long transport saddle and a flat sheet pile feeder with or without a signature feeder. A motorized delivery, the Universe Stacker with book block extractor, also is available.

Meccanotecnica is represented in the US by Book Automation, Inc., New Milford, CT. For more information, visit www.bookautomation.com.