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AmeriLam Develops Bulletproof Laminate

The Binding Edge

AmeriLam Supply Group, Knoxville, TN, has introduced ScuffProof™ Matte Laminate, a bulletproof laminate for the publishing and packaging market.

The product provides benefits such as reduced spoilage and cost effective protection. It provides clean, crisp and attractive publications and packaging that remain protected and free from blemishes and burnishes on retail shelves. ScuffProof is a matte film reengineered at the molecular level and that uses no coating to achieve a 5H hardness. Traditional scuff-free laminates use a top coating that will burnish with use, and only have a 3H hardness. Additionally, ScuffProof Laminate can be UV coated, is glueable and stampable and features the industry-exclusive Gold Seal™ Guarantee.

For more information, call 800.895.2747 or visit www.amerilamsupplygroup.com.