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ImPress Systems Introduces AP Option for Foil Xpress

The Binding Edge

A new auto positioning option for the Foil Xpress™ digital foil printer, from ImPress Systems, Chelmsford, MA, will transfer an 8x10" custom foil print onto leather, vinyl, plastic and paper items, including book covers and finished books, photographs and photo mats, portfolios, presentation and report covers, novelties and ad specialty items.

It is ideal for automatically personalizing an entire book cover and spine. The compact desktop printer eliminates costly set-up time, as well as the dies, screens clichés, inks and solvents used in traditional printing methods. The system is cost-effective for long, short and personalized runs and will apply any computer-generated text and graphics instantly.

For more information, call 978.441.2022 or visit www.impresssystems.com.