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Kern-Data Develops MK-Series Inserting Machine

The Binding Edge

The MK-Series Inserting Machine, from Austrian engineering company Kern-Data GmbH, serves mailrooms faced with processing a large number of different format letters with its compact dimensions, short resetting times and intuitive operability based on a three-button system.

It processes different envelope sizes in formats B6 to B4 at high speeds. Up to 28,000 letters size B6 to C5 are filled, sealed and outputted within an hour. The processing rate for formats C4 to B4 is 12,000 envelopes an hour. Guided by codes, the feed modules also can assemble documents and transfer them at a corresponding speed to the inserting system.

For more information, call +43 (0)699 13262040 or email tobias.ackermann@kern-data.com.