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Standard Introduces Rotary Diecutter for Short-Runs



The Standard Horizon RD-4055 rotary diecutter is from Standard Finishing Systems, Andover, Massachusetts.

The Standard Horizon RD-4055 rotary diecutter from Standard Finishing Systems, Andover, Massachusetts, meets the demand for short-run diecutting. It can diecut, crease, perforate, slit, hole punch and round corner in one process for both digital and offset printed sheets.

The newly updated RD-4055 is ideal for producing a variety of applications, including door hangers, table tents, CD holders, pop-up business cards, stickers, labels, specialty packaging and even applications that require an additional folding process after diecutting, such as boxes, pocket folders and greeting cards. The system features easy changeover and simple operation via color touchscreen and can achieve up to 6,000 cycles/hour on sheet sizes up to 15.74x21.65.

A repeat register function allows multiple-up applications from a single-up die to minimize costs. The new Dual Magnetic Cylinder is available as an alternate configuration with the RD-4055, allowing for magnetic and pin-registered mounting of matching male and female dies, and providing additional creasing and embossing patterns to suit a wider range of substrates and light packaging applications.

For more information, visit www.sdmc.com.