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Eagle Systems Awarded Patent


The US Patent Office has awarded a patent to Eagle Systems, Ocean, New Jersey, for its Eagle Foil Sync, which is a method for material deposition employing a printing press, such as those used in cold foil transfers, that permits a greater usage of the foil web than traditional methods.

This is achieved by increasing the number of times the foil web is passed through the press, while simultaneously taking into account the area that has not been used and adjusting the impacted area of the foil web accordingly. The foil web is adjusted by using a series of adjustable rollers and angular bars to change the length of the circumferential path the foil takes through the press. By modifying the angle of these rollers and the distance between them, the path can be lengthened or shortened to correspond to the particular needs for a particular print job. This allows the press to use the foil in such a way that reduces foil waste and manufacturer and consumer costs.

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