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Standard Hunkeler Unveils New Technology


Standard Hunkeler, Andover, Massachusetts, offers the Dyna-cut technology as part of a book-on-demand solution for variable-format inline book production, converting preprinted rolls to preglued book blocks.

Fully automatic variability of book block spine length between stacks is possible using the new Dyna-cut function in the CS6-HS Cutter and SD7-II Stacker, which enables dynamic, barcode-driven changes in sheet length. Rolls are processed into four-, six- or eight-page signatures in the PF7 Double Plow Folder, with sheet count and page number alternating rapidly from one book to the next. The simple SD7-II double star wheel delivery unit provides integrated book block gluing for easy and error-free downstream processing and nonstop production up to 650fpm. Data matrix codes ensure accurate control and document integrity, with visual monitoring of quality and production progress.

For more information, visit www.sdmc.com/.