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Heidelberg Partners with Masterwork in the UK


Heidelberg UK and Masterwork Graphic Equipment (UK) have agreed to a partnership that will provide customers with the very best access to expertise and a wide portfolio of postpress products.

Gerard Heanue from Heidelberg and Ken Farnsworth from Masterwork have signed the sales accord, which enables Heidelberg to sell not only the Promatrix die-cutter and Diana X and Diana Smart folder gluers but also hybrid machines like the Duopress which will both hot foil and emboss work in one pass at 6,000 cartons an hour. The Duopress can also incorporate both stripping and blanking facilities in a single pass, effectively providing 12,000 impressions an hour, producing fully finished product that traditionally would require two machines. The agreement also includes offline inspection systems and other machines from the Masterwork product range.

For more information, visit www.heidelberg.com.