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German Wire Manufacturer Opens US Facility


Lotters Wire, a new US sales and distribution facility in Tucker, GA, offers high-quality stitching wire and polymer coated double loop and spiral binding wire. Its parent company, Drahtwerk Friedr. Lötters is part of the Lotters Group, which is based in Hemer-Bredenbruch, Germany.

The family-owned company has produced high-quality wires for niche markets for over 100 years. Robin Lötters, president, leads the US sales team that includes Harry Lewis, vice president of sales; Martina Klenter, sales manager; and Simon Tabke, customer service.

Lotters guarantees a high-quality stitching wire with consistent manufacturing properties. It sells de-spooling systems in addition to polymer-coated double loop and spiral binding wire in a large color range, including shiny metallic colors.

For more information, call Lewis at 214.918.0583.