Kurz Introduces a Range of New Design Innovations

Kurz Introduces a Range of New Design Innovations


Kurz, Fürth, Germany, recently unveiled a range of design innovations that can be employed by the hot stamping and cold foil sectors.

The White series features the rainbow color play of conventional holographic foils that have been modified to produce matte white tones as the predominant colors. The Luxor MTS Polarlight design foil also offers unusual color effects. It shows two different colors depending on the viewing angle. The DuoColor single image design exhibits a color flip effect that has been overlaid with a diffractive design incorporating additional color glitters. The MultiColor holographic design features multiple image planes onto which colored elements have been positioned with high registration accuracy.

Two further holographic designs offer 3D effects: The Deep Lens design comprises an optical lens with a depth effect that draws the eye. The Spatial FX design exhibits spatial effects. The motif appears raised as if it is actually protruding out of the surface.

For more information, visit www.kurzusa.com.