Sessions Added to RadTech 2016

Sessions Added to RadTech 2016

Early-Bird Pricing Ends April 28


Early-bird discounts for RadTech 2016 expire on April 28, RadTech International North America, the association for ultraviolet and electron beam technologies, has announced. The conference, which will feature several new sessions and initiatives, takes place May 15-18 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois.

Recently added sessions and activities include:

Material Innovation: A Discussion with Consumer Product Companies
RadTech has assembled major consumer product manufacturers Steelcase Inc., P&G, Ford Motor Co., PepsiCo and 3M in a unique session to discuss how their companies prioritize, explore, vet and select new materials and technologies.

Over 30 presentations on UV-LED will be given in conference sessions highlighting uses in printing and industrial applications. A special session on deep UV-LED applications will cover much of the future development of the technology.

Automotive Applications
Ford and Toyota speakers have been added to the automotive conference session, with presentations on trends in lightweighting and UV as an enabling technology.

Food Packaging Regulations
Dr. Stephen Klump will share the latest from the Nestlé packaging safety and compliance program as part of a panel discussion made up of leading ink and coating suppliers, including a representative from Keller and Heckman.

3D Printing
A full-day now has been dedicated to presentations and a panel discussion on new materials, additives and techniques for 3D printing using UV-curable resins and light sources.

With uses including wearable sensors and patches, wound care, drug delivery, 3D printing and tissue scaffolding, RadTech 2016 offers the basics on the design and applications of hydrogels in a new conference session.

Undergraduate and Graduate-level Short Courses
In addition to the just-announced short course on UV-C LED’s, educational offerings include an undergrad course for UV professionals, as well as a more advanced graduate course: Design of Experiments and Click Chemistry.

UV/EB Emerging Technology Awards
RadTech honors creative users of UV/EB technology, with past award winners including Ford, GeckoBiomedical, the US Air Force, 3M and Gillette-Proctor and Gamble. RadTech invites nominations for the awards. An awards dinner will take place on Tuesday evening of the conference.

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