Zechini Machine Assembles Children’s Books

Zechini Machine Assembles Children’s Books

The Binding Edge

The Zechini BtB children’s book machine from Finishing Resources, Inc., Eden Prairie, MN, automatically feeds printed boards, folds them in half, then applies a perfect layer of PVA cold glue to the unprinted side.

The machine then presses these together in perfect register. A touchscreen operator interface enables the operator to quickly set the machine for the book page count. It can cycle at up to 700 cycles per hour. In addition, the BtB can be equipped with a PAFRA, a pen-type glue system that can skip adhesive application in certain areas of the book so puzzles or fold-outs can be inserted.

Zechini makes an entire series of children’s book assembly and casing-in machines, from ultra-short-run to high-volume production.

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