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Postpress Integration: CIM-plicity Itself

by: Larry Tanowitz Postpress No Longer an "Also-ran" Until relatively recently, the graphic arts industry has compartmentalized its thinking about process management. For years, talk of "seamless" integration stopped at the delivery end of the press, just short of the bindery. That thinking has been replaced by the understanding that printed products are only as good as the processes that tie...

Smart Packaging: Turned-Edge Loose Leaf Binders

by: Joe Anderson The information packaging solutions available today are more creative and attractive than ever. New trends in packaging and decoration accommodate loose leaf and information materials like never before, yet incorporate the sturdy construction that has been used for centuries to manufacture books that last. Ring binders in particular often can combine colorful decoration and durable materials to...

Building Profit Through Accounts Receivable Practices

by: Andrea Schlack All too often business people center their growth strategies upon "getting the sale" as opposed to what happens after the job is delivered and money has not been paid for the job. This is through no fault of their own. The goal of this and future articles is to help businesses determine those strategies for credit management...
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