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Gold Medal Success at Olympic Bindery

by: Dianna Brodine The 2008 Beijing Olympics placed the spotlight on dedicated athletes who have taken a basic talent and enhanced it through hard work, determination, and a willingness to go beyond the ordinary to find success. The ultimate reward for this sacrifice is a gold medal. For Olympic Bindery in Broadview, Illinois, the ultimate reward is customer satisfaction, encouraging...

Mailing and Fulfillment Services in the Bindery

by: Tom Quinn, Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA) Should bindery operations consider mailing and fulfillment services to grow and sustain their companies? I, for one, would shout an overwhelming "YES" to the question and will share some facts with you concerning the mailing and fulfillment industry to support my enthusiastic answer. Fact #1 - Your clients want you to get...

Perspectives: China’s Influence on the Loose Leaf Industry

by: Scott Caplain and Jeff Hunter Goods produced in China have long had a significant effect on U.S. manufacturing; but for traditional binderies, the impact has been less noticeable due to tight turnaround times that cannot be matched by overseas competitors. The same is not always true for those in loose leaf. However, increased costs for freight and raw materials,...
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