Two Steps to Efficient Riveter Set-Up

by Ted Rumatz, Bensons International Systems

Q: Custom binder manufacturers have different methods to set up their riveters when they change to a different job. Some are very efficient, making adjustments to the riveter in a matter of a minute or two; and others spend quite a bit of time with trial and error on every adjustment made. Are there tips that can speed riveter set-up?

A: There are two main adjustments to be looked at: the registration table and the position of the anvils.

1. With the registration table adjustment, look to set the machine so the ring mechanism attaches to the case in the desired position. An adjustment in the registration table is required when the size of the case (capacity of the ring mechanism) or the desired position of the ring mechanism in the case changes. However, most manufacturers frequently are making the same range of binder sizes, so it may make sense to create templates of the common binders manufactured.

Set the template desired on the registration table and tighten down the stops once the template is in the correct position. Doing this will make the adjustment quick and easy.

2. The other common adjustment is the position of the anvils. When the capacity of the ring mechanism or the thickness of board and/or cover material changes, frequently the length of the rivet required must change as well. This is when the anvils will have to be adjusted by raising or lowering them to accommodate the length of the rivet.

To speed the process, mark a strip of sheet metal or aluminum with the different rivet lengths. Use this as an aid to make the adjustment to the proper position of the anvils. It’s a real timesaver.

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