Dale Reindl Inducted into the BIA Hall of Fame

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BIA Hall of Fame Members

  • Jim Niesen, former executive director of the BIA
  • Bill Eckhart, Eckhart & Co., Inc.
  • Marty Anson, Bindagraphics, Inc.
  • Jerry Nocar, Advantage Book Binding
  • Aaron Silberman, American Thermoplastic Company
  • Jim Decker, The John Christian Company
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  • Jack Kavanagh, Kolbus America, Inc.
  • Charlie Nichols, Nicholstone Book Bindery
  • Richard Senior, Duraweld Ltd.
  • Vernon Schwent, Silvanus Products
  • Dale Reindl, Reindl Bindery Co., Inc.
Dale Reindl

Dale Reindl, chairman of the board of Reindl Bindery Co., Inc., Germantown, WI, was inducted into the Binding Industries Association Hall of Fame during the 2014 BIA Annual Conference in Dallas, TX, held Mar. 30-Apr. 2. Founded in 2008, the Hall of Fame honors binding and loose leaf manufacturing industry executives who have gone far beyond the standard obligations to become a dominant force in the shaping of BIA and the business of finishing. Sponsored by the Binding Industries Association (BIA), this award is dedicated to the spirit of those industry pioneers whose hard work and determination have created a vibrant, growing and changing industry.

Reindl grew up on Milwaukee’s north side and attended the University of Wisconsin-Stout for four years, attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in education with a concentration in Industrial Education. His career in the industry began with Boehm Bindery, a local Milwaukee book bindery, with his father Charles (Charlie) Reindl during summers, weekends and holidays during his high school and college years. Dale taught printing for 13 years at a Milwaukee Trade and Technical High School, and he started Reindl Bindery in conjunction with his father in February of 1978. He continued to teach school during daytime hours and would run production for the bindery at night, often performing book repair for Bibles and text books. In 1980, he left teaching to run the bindery full-time.

According to a recent article in The Binding Edge: “My dad was at the point in his career that he was looking to do something different,” current company President David Reindl said. “He had been teaching for many years.” Creating his own bindery “was an idea (my dad) had always toyed with. It was just the perfect opportunity.”

“I was teaching school and dealing with way too much bureaucracy,” said Dale Reindl. “I enjoyed the students, but every time I tried to do something, there was someone telling me I couldn’t do it. I wanted the ability to make my own decisions.”

Over the next 18 years, Reindl Bindery relocated three times to reflect the continual growth of the business. In 2007, Dale and his wife/vice president of the company, Kathy, handed the reins of the business to two of their sons, David and Steven, who moved the bindery to its current location in Germantown. Both David and Steven grew up working in the business on weekends and holidays, just as their father had done with his father.

Today, Reindl Bindery serves three major markets, including education, entertainment and trade. Capabilities include cover making, casebinding, perfect binding, mechanical binding, cutting, folding, drilling, foil stamping, collating, tipping, tab cutting, round cornering, shrink wrapping and DVD/CD. Reindl mounts trays and pockets to house CDs and DVDs for several media venues such as education, music, movies, television shows and more. It also produces single or multiple panel covers for use in casebinding, wire-o and for other applications such as game boards. Dale Reindl continues to work for the company in an advisory role.

Reindl was a member of the Milwaukee Printing House Craftsmen. He served as president of St. John Lutheran Church Trust Fund Committee in Lakefield, WI, a football coach for the local youth football program and as an advisory member for the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s Graphic Communication Department for 15 years.

“All three of my boys went to UW-Stout, and I felt like the advisory committee was my opportunity to give back to the university, while also helping my boys learn a little more about the things they could get involved in with the industry,” Dale explained. “The advisory committee helped with the curriculum and especially with ensuring the university kept up with the industry. Because we were working in printing facilities and binderies, we were proving out some of the new techniques and products. We helped the university upgrade what they were bringing to the students.” Dale served on the Advisory Committee for 15 years and, when he left, his son, Steven, became a board member.

When asked if his induction into the BIA Hall of Fame was expected, Reindl said, “It was a total surprise! Nowhere in my wildest dreams would I have expected it. As much as I’ve done in the industry, I still think there are other things I could have done. I looked at the list of other Hall of Fame members – I know all of them and what their contributions are, so it’s very humbling to be inducted.”

For more information about the BIA Hall of Fame, visit www.printing.org/BIA or contact Mike Packard at 412.259.1704 or [email protected].