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by Kayleigh Smith, manager, marketing, Printing Industries of America
Each Sappi Standard 6 book focuses on an important aspect of the printing and design process and is a resource for designers and printers throughout the world. The newest book is The Standard: Bindery Techniques.

In May of 2016, designers from all over the world joined together in Atlanta, Georgia, for five days of intensive education, networking and inspiration. According to the HOW Design Live website, the event offered the creative inspiration to refuel a passion for work combined with the practical knowledge attendees need to achieve and advance in their careers. One of the great things about HOW Design Live is that it doesnt only talk about graphic design, it also includes all the necessary elements in the graphic communications industry – including bindery.

Although there was only one session dedicated to the importance of bindery, conference organizers did a great job of acquiring the talent needed to give such an important talk. Kit Hinrichs, principal and creative director of Studio Hinrichs, presented the session “Binding from Start to Finish.” In the short time given to him, Hinrichs presented a rundown of bindery techniques, as well as the history of binding. He even took the time to explain how designers can use bindery as another design technique. According to Hinrichs, “As long as we have the printed book there will be binding.”

In his session, Hinrichs also spoke about the newest Sappi Standard 6 book, The Standard: Bindery Techniques, which he helped create. On the Sappi website, its Standard Series is explained as “an invaluable resource for designers and printers throughout the world.” Each book focuses on an important aspect of the printing and design process.

In issue number six, The Standard: Bindery Techniques is broken down into five parts: the history of binding, binding as design, binding techniques, a guide to binding materials and the binding glossary. While the whole book is bound with wire-o, each of the sections uses its own binding. From techniques like side stitching to pronged fasteners, it’s almost like five books in one.

“The Standard Series is truly one of the best things I’ve ever done,” said Hinrichs. As a special treat, each of the attendees for this session got to take home their very own copy of The Standard: Bindery Techniques for free.

At the end of his session, Hinrichs opened the floor for questions. Here, the attendees got an inside look at how he really feels about the printed piece and binding. When asked about ways to become more knowledgeable about bindery, he mentioned that, “there’s nothing like going to a bindery yourself. They love to talk to people but no one ever asks them.”

“Printed documents are something that will really represent our culture in 100, or even 1,000, years from now,” said Hinrichs. “It’s a tremendous artifact we have of our culture.”

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