Anstadt Communications Raises the Bar with Classic Cocktail Recipe Cards

by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, PostPress

Since the turn of the century, the do-it-yourself (DIY) community has spread far across the US. And, since the middle of the last decade the maker culture, a technology-based subculture, has infiltrated the country. Those who are part of this relatively new community are typically interested in pursuits such as electronics, additive manufacturing, arts and crafts, and even using CNC tools. Inspired by this relatively new culture, Ellicott & Co. brings unique, quality goods to its hometown, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a town with a rich history of craftsmanship that continues to thrive today. When the company wanted to create a deck of recipe cards featuring classic cocktails made with gin and vodka, it called on York, Pennsylvania-based, Anstadt Communications.

Titled A Gentlemen’s Guide to Classic Cocktails, the 4×6″ cards harken back to an era when cocktail parties were as popular as the Mashed Potato and Watusi. These digitally printed and decorated, two-sided cards (15 recipe cards and one cover card) feature sleek, retro illustrations from Infantree Design, also located in Lancaster. Anstadt was called upon to print and finish 150 exclusive sets of the recipe cards.

On the front of each recipe card is the name of a cocktail, whether it be a gin gimlet, cosmopolitan or an Italian Greyhound, and a large, colored illustration of the beverage that is printed and then highlighted with a raised tactile spot varnish using the Scodix Ultra Pro off-line unit. On the back of the cards is the recipe for the specified drink, listing the ingredients, the amount of each ingredient and the directions for creating the cocktail – even including the garnishes. Each card also features intricate, decorative line work on the front and back; this was created using a digital foil with clear UV polymer adhesive. The title, “Classic Cocktails” showcases a spot gloss and raised feel.

Digitally printed CMYK on 80lb Verso Blazer Satin Cover using an HP Indigo 7900, the sheets were then run thought the Scodix Ultra Pro offline unit. “This provided an enticing quality to the pieces,” Anstadt President and CEO Matthew Doran explained. “Scodix Sense created a clear raised coating, and it was applied in just one pass.” The elegant deck of 16 cards features round cornering, collating and is enclosed in a bellyband.

“This was one of our first applications of using the dimensional elements of the Scodix polymer, along with the ability to do intricate foil work,” Doran emphasized. The use of Scodix is something not normally seen in consumer products. Typically, Scodix is an enhancement system used mainly in marketing materials. “As far as production is concerned, I think the real highlight of this piece is the incorporation of Scodix to bring tactile feel, dimension and foil elements in a tight timeframe using all fully digital printing technologies,” Doran stated. “And the clean, classic look, as well as a great use of color combinations paired with stark contrast of gloss foil against white is the best part of the design.”

As for Nat Leibee, general manager at Ellicott & Co., he is very pleased with the final product. “I think the embossing on the cards gives them a great feel, and the customers really like the shiny lettering.” He added that the throwback design has attracted buyers looking for gifts to give their fathers, boyfriends and husbands. “These cards are a great addition to any home bar,” he continued. “I think people will appreciate the classic recipes on the back, just as much as they are intrigued by the newer and funkier recipes we included.”