PVC Spiral Supply’s Marlon EZ Flex 100 Coil Inserter and SlanTIS Sleeves

by Lara Copeland, contributing editor

PVC Spiral Supply’s headquarters in Boise, Idaho, also is home to several major companies, as well as multiple large manufacturing facilities across several industries. The company maintains a second manufacturing and warehouse location in Tampa, Florida.

Specializing in the manufacturing of spiral coil and binding equipment since 1993, PVC Spiral Supply has since become the largest single coil manufacturer in the US. The company offers more than 50 colors and 100 diameters of pre-formed coil kept in inventory. Working with more than 140 dealers nationwide, its coil can be shipped almost everywhere in the US within one day. In addition to offering plastic coil binding, plastic coil filament, wire binding supplies, spiral binding accessories and 3D printing PLA filament, it also features forming and binding equipment. And one such product, the efficient Marlon EZ Flex 100 coil inserter, improves productivity.

A standalone coil inserter may be very helpful for high-volume applications and print shops that already have a coil binding punch. Designed to assist with getting the plastic spiral onto reports and documents, instruments like PVC Spiral’s Marlon EZ Flex 100 coil inserter will spin the coil right onto the pages. Users only need to get the coil started on the book.

The EZ Flex has an adjustable roller for high performance, as well as easier and more accurate coil insertion. It inserts plastic coil of all diameter sizes and different pitches up to two inches thick. Additionally, sizes can be switched with a simple turn of a knob. “There is no other manual system available that is as flexible to handle any pitch,” Lonnie Bramon, sales, marketing and management at PVC said. “When it is coupled with the patent-pending PVC Spiral-designed SlanTIS Sleeves, the user no longer needs to insert thick books by hand.”

In addition to use with the optional Marlon 350 crimping unit, the EZ Flex 100 coil inserter is designed for use with any size of the optional StanTIS coil binding sleeves. Extremely simple to use, the sleeves help produce a bound book in no time by securely holding a document while providing for the curved binding spine that conforms to the radius curve of the plastic coil binding element. The color-coded sleeves come in red, blue, yellow, green and black, and the colors align with document sizes. They are especially helpful for fast coil insertion on large coil documents due to the larger pitch diameter. Furthermore, for documents larger than one inch (or 25 mm), it is recommended to switch to a 3:1, 2.5:1 or 2.231 mm turbo coil pitch configuration.

Made in the US, customers have responded enthusiastically to the coil inserter. Bramon reported that clients appreciate liberation from inserting “really thick books” by hand. “This makes the task much easier and much more productive,” he added.

Technical details

The EZ Flex 100 Coil Inserter shipping weight is 23 lbs. SlanTIS Sleeves are available in eight different sizes, 2″, 1¾”, 1½”, 1¼”, 1″, ¾”, ½” and ¼”.