Two Sides Launches Global Anti-Greenwash Initiative


New research commissioned by the international nonprofit organization Two Sides, Chicago, Illinois, has revealed that major global corporations still are using inaccurate and misleading environmental claims to encourage consumers to “go paperless” and switch from paper-based to digital communication, despite legislation being introduced by advertising standards authorities to protect the consumer from being misled.

The survey, undertaken in February 2015, showed that in the UK, there is a significant proportion of banks, utilities and telecoms making false environmental claims. Research in the US shows a similar picture with half of the leading Fortune 500 companies in those sectors doing the same.

Two Sides will be engaging with companies in Europe, the USA, Canada, South America, South Africa and Australia, that have either reneged on undertakings to stop using misleading environmental claims or are now again claiming that switching to online billing and communication is better for the environment without supplying verifiable supporting evidence.

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