What to Expect if your Retirement Plan is Audited

by Joseph P. Trybula, CFP®, AIF®, Printers 401K

Power in Simplicity Webinar

When: April 25, 2-2:30 p.m. CST


Who Should Attend? Owners, plan sponsors, CFO’s, human resource managers

Fiduciary Prudence For Plan Sponsors

Many plan sponsors are unaware of the many duties required of them as plan fiduciaries. In this brief but informative webinar, find out considerations to take when working with the retirement plan industry. We will also discuss seven key essentials for fiduciary responsibility and what options you have as a plan sponsor.

Few, if any, retirement plan sponsors want to face an audit, yet a successful private retirement system necessitates occasional employer audits by the Internal Revenue Service’s Employee Plans (EP) compliance program.

Plan oversight is two-prong, with the IRS covering the “qualified status of 401(k) plans,” and the Department of Labor overseeing the “fiduciary standards, reporting and disclosure requirements and other rules that do not affect the qualified status of 401(k) plans,” as explained by the IRS.

The primary objective of the IRS’ examination program “is to develop and integrate appropriate compliance and enforcement programs that will have the greatest positive impact on the retirement system.” So, what can you expect if your retirement plan is audited? Visit www.printers401k.com to learn more.