Baumer Introduces Tesla Hot Melt Application

Baumer Introduces Tesla Hot Melt Application



Baumer hhs, Krefeld, Germany, recently introduced hot melt application heads in its tesla series.

Baumer hhs, Krefeld, Germany, offers a high-performance hot melt application head for connection to its own controllers under the name tesla, as well as 24V hot melt application heads for operation by PLC under the names tesla red and tesla blue, for standard packaging applications.

The tesla is operated via a controller from Baumer and can process high viscosities at an adhesive pressure of up to 80 bar. The maximum frequency of up to 600Hz offers plenty of room for increasing productivity and for saving adhesive by applying dots instead of lines. The tesla features an integrated overtemperature switch, which interrupts the power supply if the temperature rises beyond the maximum permissible value in the event of a malfunction. In addition, the new hot melt application heads offer end-of-line packers and packaging producers greater flexibility regarding adhesives that can be used.

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