Report Details Flex-Pack Resource Recovery

Report Details Flex-Pack Resource Recovery


The Flexible Packaging Resource Recovery Update, a report from the Flexible Packaging Association, provides an update on the most recent research findings, pilots and other activities related to resource recovery of flexible packaging. It also includes a summary of the various projects, collaborative pilots/trials, municipal work groups, municipal collection programs and alternative collection/recovery models.

The report includes several matrix:

  • Flexible Packaging Recovery Current Pilot Summary
  • Package to Resin Conversion Technology
  • Waste-to-Energy/Waste-to-Fuel Process Comparison
  • Selected Pyrolysis Technology Providers
  • Flexible Packaging Recovery Industry Work Groups
  • “Who’s Doing What” Flexible Packaging Recovery Initiative Summary

The report compiles the latest flexible packaging resource recovery efforts in a single document and discusses the goals, deliverables and key learnings of each.

Engaging stakeholders is critical to FPA’s ongoing work to the development of viable recovery options. Stakeholders include waste management companies, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, consumers, consumer product manufacturers, retailers and industry associations.

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