DataBind, Lami Corporation Introduce Laminator Solutions for Office, Print Professionals

DataBind, based in Enfield, Connecticut, in partnership with Lami Corporation of Osaka, Japan, has brought the company’s fully automatic laminators to the US marketplace and positioned the line as an alternative to pouch-fed lamination for office and print professionals.

In addition, the companies have introduced a new on-demand lamination and die-cutting process called HOT-LAMCUT. DataBind will stock the new line of products, including full-automatic laminators, for office and for semiprofessional use. DataBind also will offer SummaCut cutters with the laminators for use with the HOT-LAM-CUT process.

“There was a new positive and exciting energy in the air when people saw the Revo-Office and Revo-T14 automatic laminators in action at PRINT 18,” stated Jon Gasperini, vice president, North American sales, “in addition, we showcased the HOT-LAM-CUT process that offers a unique on-demand die-cut solution by combining the Revo-T14 full-auto laminator with a SummaCut cutter that’s unique and new to the US market.”

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