Standard Horizon Highlights Folding Solutions

Andover, Massachusetts-based Standard Horizon’s innovative folding solutions feature faster production speeds, reduced set-up time, dynamic folding capabilities and advanced automation for every step of the folding process. The folding solutions feature quick set-up and changeover, simple operation and a range of features and accessories to fit every job requirement – from large-format to small pharmaceutical-size capabilities, digital print-friendly, pallet feeding, pressing, gluing, tracking, knife-folding and more.

The AFC-746F B1 Pallet-Feed Folder can accommodate sheet sizes up to 29.1″ x 43.3″; up to 47 automated adjustments with 20 preset fold patterns and memory for up to 200 jobs. Included is a 47-inch pallet feeder for seamless transfer, as well as easy slitter shaft removal.

The AFV-566F/TV-564F Dynamic Folder features intuitive operation and quick set-up time with consistent, accurate folding and automatic scoring navigation. The folder includes ultrasonic double-sheet detection, optional dynamic folding and a uniquely designed buckle plate.

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