SunDance Installs Kluge EHD Automatic Platen Press with Adjustable Impression

With a focus on producing a variety of high-quality work delivered to customers quickly, SunDance, Orlando, Florida, recently added a second Kluge EHD automatic platen press with adjustable impression.

SunDance’s newly installed press was remanufactured at the Kluge facility in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, and features speeds up to 3,300 impressions per hour while accommodating sheets up to 17×24.75″ with up to 40 sq. in. of die area. Making this press stand out even more is its upgrade with Kluge’s TRU-TON™ adjustable impression system, an optional feature that allows the impression to be infinitely adjusted with the turn of a handle, resulting in decreased production time and costs.

After upgrading its Kluge in 2017 to the EHD with adjustable impression, SunDance saw makeready times go down by an average of 30 minutes, allowing it to produce more work per shift and deliver faster turnaround times to clients. Adjustable impression allows for minor adjustments to be made on the fly, without stopping production.

As a print company that provides many different services, it also was important to SunDance to add a press that can perform a variety of functions, and Kluge’s EHD platen press can handle a large variety of projects. Applications that easily run on the press include greeting cards, folding cartons, holograms and security labels, business cards, announcements and more.

SunDance will use the new machine for foil stamping, diecutting, embossing and debossing, as well as perforating and scoring.

“Kluge is the most versatile small diecutter/foil stamper on the market today,” said JohnHenry Ruggieri, SunDance president. “It’s easy to see why most finishing shops have at least one Kluge. The versatility and ease of use makes it a true workhorse.”

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