Muller Martini Launches Prinova Saddlestitcher

Print finishing systems provider Muller Martini, Switzerland, has launched a 9,000-cycle saddle stitcher, the Prinova. Boasting individual feeders, it can be changed over in the shortest possible time and is ideal for short runs but also is predestined for medium runs.

The Prinova has an individual feeder with a servo drive. The machine can hold up to 14 individual tiltable feeders that can be operated easily by a single employee thanks to their loading height. As a result, it can be used for several applications, such as manual feeding or determining the optimal height for signatures. This allows operators to change over the saddlestitcher much faster and produce (ultra) short runs substantially more efficiently.

Muller Martini has included proven technological features in the Prinova from its “big brother,” the Primera. It has central operation. Its new user interface, which includes context-based displays and an innovative operating concept, increases the machine’s user-friendliness – which shortens the processes.

Muller Martini has made process-related improvements on the new three-knife trimmer. For example, the thickness is set using a quick-release lever. As a result, the changeover process is even faster and easier, and top quality is ensured right from the first product. In addition, stationary belts (servo drive) ensure perfect trim quality. Because it can be opened from the front or the back, this extremely ergonomic three-knife trimmer can be set up much more quickly.

In addition to Motion Control Technology, which results in faster set-up processes, the new Prinova saddle stitcher also includes a new developed Asir Pro camera system. This system recognizes and compares the sections using a 1D/2D code and/or by comparing the images.

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