Müller Martini Offers MMInspect for Saddlestitcher Analysis

Müller Martini Corp., Hauppauge, New York, print finishing systems specialists, has announced that it now offers MMInspect, a thorough “nuts and bolts” analysis of Müller Martini saddlestitchers to return them to peak performance and see legacy stitchers perform like new.

Müller Martini saddlestitchers that are not running at baseline speed can result in a significant loss in productivity — not to mention a loss to the bottom line. A stitcher’s net output can be maximized with MMInspect, an analysis of the saddlestitcher performed by Muller Martini certified technicians.

A MMInspect report assesses such critical issues as:

  • Condition analysis by component. The report features a graphical depiction of your machine vs. one that performs optimally.
  • Workflow revisions that can limit bottlenecks and other slowdowns.
  • Recommended repair and/or parts.
  • Available upgrades.

With a MMInspect report, owners can see exactly how well their machines perform—and where improvement is needed to achieve optimal productivity.

MMInspect starts as low as $1,500.

For more information, visit www.mullermartini.com.