Gietz-Vinfoil Americas: Foil Embellishment and Converting Solutions Joint Venture

A unique new business has been created to bring premier cold transfer and hot foil technologies to the North American folding carton and label markets. Four entities – Gietz AG based in Gossau, Switzerland, Vinfoil based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, along with Chris Leary and Alex Balke – have joined forces to create Gietz-Vinfoil Americas. The company will be responsible for the sales and service of Gietz and Vinfoil machines in North America, and will be based near Chicago, Illinois. Gietz, a Swiss-based company founded in 1892, has experience in the US market since the late 1970s with about 150 machines installed.

Hansjörg Gietz, CEO of Gietz AG, stated that the Gietz brand is recognized for precision foil stamping and embossing, and along with the company’s HTF tray forming machine, it believes there is a lot of future potential in this market. Gietz AG started in 2018 to offer customers direct local services with Alex Balke of Gietz USA LLC. Now with Leary’s leadership and Vinfoil products, it is positioned to offer the complete range of foil embellishment solutions.

Vincent van der Heijden, president and CEO of Vinfoil, stated that Vinfoil, founded in 2007, has developed unique cold transfer solutions with revolutionary technology. Its patented Multiple Foil Use and Vinfoil Intelligent Foil Optimizing Software have already helped more than 75 customers achieve optimal foil savings, and further develop their cold transfer business. With the support and experience of both Chris Leary and Gietz, Vinfoil is confident it can work on sharing and showing all the great things of foil embellishments to the North American printing industries.

Alex Balke has over 12 years of technical service experience in this industry segment and will assume the role of technical director. Chris Leary brings 20+ years of equipment sales experience in the folding carton industry and will be the president/CEO of Gietz-Vinfoil Americas. Jody LeBlanc, with 25 years of industry experience, will also join the company and be responsible for operations and customer service. Spare parts and technical service of Gietz machines now will be handled through Gietz-Vinfoil Americas.

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