Graphco to Feature Foliant Laminating Solutions at Amplify

Graphco, a provider of offset, digital and print finishing solutions and the exclusive distributor for Foliant laminating solutions, will demonstrate the Foliant Vega 400A laminator with foiling at Amplify 2022.

Foliant offers both single and dual side laminating. Foliant’s 8 UP solution laminates 30” X 43” sheets at up to 3,000 SPH and the 4 UP laminators handle 21” X 40”+ sheets and runs digital size work at over 10,000 SPH. Foliant’s 2 UP machines provide a max size of 15.7” X 40”+ and the top-of-the-range unit runs digital prints at over 5,000 SPH.

Learn more at and see this demonstration at Amplify, booth #401, June 14-16, 2022, at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.