D&Ks Double Kote Digital

Edited by Lara Copeland, contributing editor, PostPress

D&K Group, headquartered in the US in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, manufactures print finishing and coating technologies while offering a variety of laminating films, thermal and pressure-sensitive adhesives, coated products and more. In operation for nearly 40 years, D&K offers the user-friendly Double Kote Digital.

Marketing Communications Specialist Brian Biegel stated, “D&K introduced the Double Kote Digital laminator to meet the demands of the growing digital market. This machine offers short- to medium-run digital printers an efficient and inexpensive two-sided laminating solution for digital stocks, including HP Indigo and Xerox iGen output.” It features a quick set-up and easy lamination of digital prints up to 22″ wide. The system has an automated sheet feeder with pivoting belt table, laminator and heavy duty inline guillotine cutter – accurate to within 1/16″ – all with a small footprint.

The Double Kote Digital warms up in 20 minutes for two-sided application projects of all types, including print encapsulation, decals and more. An integrated fan bank quickly cools down hot films as they exit the laminator for clean cutting and easy handling. The sheet feeder with pivoting belt table offers easy film access for fast set-ups and changeovers. An optional inline side slitting system trims film edges and collects the scrap on takeup mandrels for easy cleanup. The belt registration table accurately guides sheets and ensures straight, consistent cuts.

“This is essential for post-lamination processing that may include foil stamping, embossing, binding, cutting and more,” Biegel continued. “Consistent sheet edges allow for accurate processing in downstream finishing systems where registration and alignment are critical.” Furthermore, the digital control panel allows for precision adjustments and reduced waste. The Double Kote Digital can accommodate virtually all digital prints and is compatible with all types of thermal laminating films including PET, OPP and PVC.

The robust feeder system can hold deep sheet stacks for large volume projects. The Double Kote Digital also offers faster speeds than many other compact laminating systems. “Faster speeds directly relate to higher output per hour,” Biegel said. “It’s essential for shops to maximize output to complete jobs with short turnaround times and minimize labor costs.” He also said that fast machine speeds reduce bottlenecks in the finishing area to ensure that production flows as efficiently as possible.

Helping to reduce labor requirements, the Double Kote Digital increases shop output, since only one operator is needed from start to finish. “Many shops currently employ two people in the lamination process: one person feeding sheets into a laminator and one person on the back end to cut and stack the laminated product,” Biegel added. “Shifting one of these employees to a different station reduces the labor requirement by 50 percent and also frees up personnel for other profit opportunities within the company.”

User feedback indicates that the Double Kote Digital is easy to set up and operate with minimal training required. The low price point is also attractive to organizations that are just starting out in lamination.

Technical details:

The Double Kote Digital measures 98x43x58″ and weighs 900lbs. With speeds up to 20fpm, it can process sheets from 8.5×11″ through 20×25″ in size. It can run sheets between 80lb through 10pt thickness.

For more information, visit www.dkgroup.com.