Choose Proper Brushes and Tools To Clean Dies


Before foiling begins, it’s important to clean the dies with either a garryflex block or glass fiber brush, especially magnesium and copper dies, as this removes any chemical residue left as a result of the chemical etching manufacturing process. Unclean surfaces can have an effect on the quality of the foiled finish.

Cleaning also is essential to revitalize old or unused dies that have been affected by oxidation to bring them back to their original state. This can save time and money by not having to remake new dies.

Garryflex blocks

Garryflex blocks are better suited for use with magnesium dies, since they provide a more gentle cleaning process. The blocks also can be used to clean dirt and oil in small areas of a machine to stop any marking of sheets.

Glass fiber brushes

A glass fiber brush is harsher and is used for stronger metals like copper.

A glass fiber brush is a harsher brush for stronger metals like copper, not for magnesium. The brushes also will remove small imperfections on the die surface, which can increase the quality of the foiled finish.

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