drupa Imaging Summit: Importance of Artificial Intelligence for Printing and Imaging Industry

Press release submitted on behalf of Messe Düsseldorf North America
At this year’s drupa  trade fair (May 28 – June 7 in Düsseldorf, Germany), Messe Düsseldorf will present the drupa Imaging Summit for the first time as part of the special forum “drupa next age” (dna): Top-class speakers from renowned companies will give 20-minute keynote speeches and panels on the most important topics at the interface between imaging technologies and printing. This includes, in particular, the potential offered by the use of AI.

The imaging industry has come a long way in the last few decades. First the transition  to digital photography and workflows, and now the new big challenge of AI, are transforming the value creation of creators, companies and the industry. Along with many challenges, the new AI tools also create new opportunities and business areas.

At the drupa Imaging Summit, the major trend topic of Imaging Artificial Intelligence will be one of the central themes to provide information on the current status and tools, discuss new product ideas and demonstrate ways in which images can be optimized for better prints.

Picture This: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Revolutionizing Image Creation (presented by Dennis Oberfeld, Google Cloud/Customer Engineer) will show how AI is revolutionizing the image creation process. The participants will gain insights into Google’s powerful AI solutions, demonstrating how they streamline workflows and produce stunning results. Learn about upscaling, watermarking, and more – practical tools (not only) for print businesses and creatives alike. Dennis Oberfeld is passionate about enabling digital transformation and he works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and implement customized cloud strategies for optimal business results. Prior to Google Cloud, he spent nearly a decade at SAP, driving cloud adoption for company customers.

Image generation via Artificial Intelligence: Tools & Workflows (presented by Andreas    Jürgensen, Founder AI Imagelab | ai-imagelab.de) will give an overview of the current status of AI-generated images. Andreas Jürgensen will offer a brief insight about which programs are currently relevant – and which ones you should keep an eye on, in which processes AI-generated images are currently being used and in which fields of application they will become relevant. The presentation will be illustrated with application and image examples. Andreas Jürgensen is a photo engineer and has been working in the photo industry since 1993. His company juergensen.net operates Germany’s largest network of photo communities. At the end of 2022, he started to work with artificial intelligence and its use for image production. Together with Adrian Rohnfelder he started the AI Imagelab, a news blog about AI generated images and videos.

AI Unveiled: Navigating Past, Present, and Future in Photo Print Innovation (presented by Sarah Lefebvre, Director of Marketing at EyeQ Imaging Inc). The Creators of the leading Imaging Software, Perfectly Clear, will show the remarkable advances AI has made in recent years as Sarah Lefebvre will connect today’s applications of AI to real-world use cases and their impact on the printing industry. Visitors will learn about  the exciting possibilities of the future as she demonstrates the transformative impact of AI on photo printing – it will be about the intersection of innovation and practice at the forefront of AI technology. Sarah Lefebvre has made it her mission to help businesses achieve optimal photo quality. As Director of Marketing at EyeQ, she focuses on the company’s core message: the ROI that companies can achieve with Perfectly Clear, its automated photo and video editing technology.

The influence of Artificial Intelligence on future print products (presented by Adrian Rohnfelder, Founder AI Imagelab, ai-imagelab.de). In this highly illustrated and entertaining short presentation, Adrian Rohnfelder will outline possible print products of the future as a result of the new generative AI capabilities:

  • Changes through AI support of existing products
  • Key social media drivers such as pets and selfies for an abundance of AI-generated images
  • Potential consumer needs for 2D, 3D and 4D printing

Adrian Rohnfelder studied business administration, worked for a long time as a freelance management consultant and made photography his profession in 2017. He has already won several awards, published in renowned publishing houses and appeared as a speaker at well-known events. At the end of 2022, he discovered artificial intelligence as a fantastic creative tool. He has published on the subject in magazines and has been working as a trainer since the beginning of 2023. Together with Andreas Jürgensen, he founded the AI Imagelab in mid-2023 as a platform for AI-generated images and videos.

Viesus™: Prints enhanced in the blink of an AI (presented by Servi Pieters, CEO of Viesus™)

Thousands or even millions of images are processed for printing every day, and the quality or pixel count of the images is often too low. This leads to lost time, complaints and missed opportunities. Visitors can learn about the behind-the-scenes algorithms used by leading companies in the photo printing industry to minimize suboptimal prints. This presentation will show how AI algorithms improve image print production, delivering quality without the need for manual intervention. As CEO, Servi Pieters leads Viesus™ in further developing AI and making it available on various platforms. In October 2022, he founded MyPrint.ai AG, driven by innovation with the application of generative AI technology in a webapp to print personalized and unique AI generated artworks.

All these drupa  Imaging Summitt presentations and several others will take place on the drupa next age stage on May 30 and 31 in Hall 7. https://www.drupa.com/en/Program/Forums/drupa_next_age

For the entire drupa next age program (May 28 – June 6 in Hall 7): https://www.drupa.com/en/Program/Programoverview?filter=true&forums=DrupaNextAge

Participation in the drupa Imaging Summitt and the dna program is included in the drupa ticket.

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