MBO Unveiled Cutting-Edge Solutions at drupa 2024

Press release submitted on behalf of MBO Komori Group.

Staying ahead of the competition requires innovative solutions that enhance your business operations. At MBO America, we’re committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that help you achieve unparalleled success. At drupa 2024, we showcased our latest innovations designed to revolutionize the printing industry.

Innovative Solutions for Rapid Job Setup and Automation
Our new folder K8i is a game-changer in rapid job setup and automation. With its advanced feeder technology, you can achieve high speeds and process a wide range of substrates. The offset 3rd fold knife provides easy access first knife section, and slitter shaft cassette making maintenance and adjustments a breeze.

Increased efficiency: Reduce setup times and improve productivity
Improved flexibility: Process a wide range of substrates
Enhanced maintenance: Easy access to critical components

Streamline Your Operations with the M9 Folder
Our M9 folder takes automation to the next level to drastically decrease operator setup times, saving operators hours of work between jobs. With its camera systems and automated ejection of faulty products, the M9 is designed to increase user-friendliness and greatly reduce makeready times. It can be configured with folding sections, pressing units and delivery from H+H to create an individual production line tailored to your specific needs.

Increased efficiency: Reduce operator setup times
Improved accuracy: Camera systems detect and eject faulty products
Enhanced user experience: Intuitive design for easy operation

Maximum Flexibility with the MBO Rollfed Line
Our latest rollfed line features a direct feed into the HOHNER Futura 9 Stitcher, which includes a new sheeter (SVC23) and buckle folder (DFT23). This innovative system offers unparalleled flexibility in book sizes and hybrid production capabilities, making it ideal for publishers and book producers.

Increased flexibility: Process a wide range of book sizes
Improved production capabilities: High-speed production
Enhanced quality: Consistent book quality

CoBo-Stack Technology: The Future of Automation
We’re proud to introduce our new CoBo-Stack units, featuring robust Yaskawa Robotics arms. The CoBo-Stack 10i can lift a 10Kg payload, working autonomously to free operators from physical work of palletizing folded pieces. On the other hand, the CoBo-Stack 30i offers a larger stacking range, capable of filling a 40” x 48” pallet with a lifting capacity up to 30Kg.

Increased efficiency: Reduce operator workload
Improved safety: Integrated “light curtain” ensures safety
Enhanced productivity: Autonomous operation

Stay Ahead of the Competition with MBO America
At MBO America, we’re committed to helping you stay ahead of the competition with our latest innovations. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to enhance your printing business operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing production line or invest in new equipment, we’re here to help you navigate the changing landscape of printing finishing.

To learn more about these innovative solutions, please contact us directly to schedule a demo or consultation.

At drupa 2024, we showcased our latest innovations designed to revolutionize the printing industry. Our cutting-edge solutions focus on rapid job setup and automation, increased efficiency, and maximum flexibility in book sizes and production capabilities. With our new CoBo-Stack units, we’re pushing the boundaries of automation, ensuring safety and operator productivity.