Make a Statement with Your Company Holiday Card

by Trish Witkowski, Foldfactory

Admit it, you’ve done it. We all have. You’ve waited until the last minute and bought boxed holiday cards for your customers. At the time, it probably didn’t seem like a big deal, but as an industry that prints beautiful things every day, how can we possibly ignore this opportunity to show off and stand out?

I think, for many printers, binders and finishers, the speed bump is in the creativity. We might be great at making other people’s work look amazing, but we seldom turn the focus onto ourselves – and when we do, we come up dry. It’s a common problem. So, I’m going to give you some great ideas (and the tools to create them).

Inspired holiday card formats

Creating a stunning holiday card can be a piece of (fruit)cake with purchased dielines.

Vertical Wrapped Accordion Mailer

3-Panel Cascading Accordion. The 3-Panel Cascading Accordion format features the classic zig-zag format of an accordion fold, with a stylish angled trim across the top. The trim creates a waterfall effect that can be used for endless dimensional concepts. The file also includes a perforated section that can be detached and used as a bookmark, or simply removed from the dieline.

9-Panel Pop-Out Accordion. The 9-Panel Pop-Out Accordion is a fascinating and dimensional format that expands and surprises the recipient. The four pop-out boxes create a focal point for a message, a date, fun photos and pops of color. For the holidays or a save the date card, celebrate with each box featuring a number (For example, 2-0-1-6).

Broadside Box Star Pop-Up

Broadside Box Star Pop-Up. The Broadside Box Star Pop-Up is a standout format that opens to feature a dimensional surprise. This version features a star theme, with a laser-cut star shape as the focal point to the shadow-box effect. The format can be attached at the bottom or left open so that it can unfold to a large poster spread.

Swinger Circle with Snowflake

Locked Gate. The Locked Gate holiday series takes the classic gate fold format and embellishes it with a locking mechanism in a custom shape. The locking cover is dimensional and makes the format fun to open. Try the snowflake, circle, tree or star themes.

Swinger Circle with Snowflake. Swinger Folds swing into motion when opened, and this circular-shaped swinger features a classic snowflake in the center accordion panel. Once opened, the Swinger Circle creates a self-standing, almost sculptural appearance.

Tri-Fold with Layered Circle Die

Tri-Fold with Layered Circle Die. The Tri-Fold with Layered Circle Die holiday format adds a lot of pizzazz to the classic Tri-Fold, while leaving plenty of opportunity for creative expression. When closed, the circles layer together for a dimensional cover and a central focal point for a holiday image or message. Inside, there’s plenty of room for everyone in the office to sign.

Vertical Wrapped Accordion Mailer. The Vertical Wrapped Accordion Mailer is a fabulous, self-mailing format that offers tremendous real estate for creativity in a compact and stylish presentation. To open, lift the flap and pull down to reveal six interior panels. For a holiday greeting, take fun photos of your team and showcase them photobook-style in this clever and memorable format.

Dimensional and high-tech card ideas

Pop-Up Holiday Greeting Cards from

My friends at have an exciting line of pop-up holiday greeting cards that you can design yourself. And, if you’re short on time, they have pre-designed layouts to choose from, too.

If you’re feeling like splurging this holiday season or if you’d like to send something extra special to a targeted list of VIP customers, you can send them the UvideoBase from It’s a stylish little video player, wrapped in a full-color sleeve. Just create your layout, load your video and send some serious holiday “wow.”

No excuses. Send something special.

Video player wrapped in a sleeve from

And, there you have it – lots of great ideas to consider. I challenge you to try something new and send something special to your customers to make a lasting impression.

Foldfactory creates fabulous folded formats. Currently, there are over 40 in the collection, including the 2015 Holiday line. Dielines and folded paper samples are available for all of the layouts mentioned above in the Inspired Holiday Card Formats section. Visit

Trish Witkowski is president of the Mailbox. An educator, author, designer and presenter, Witkowski specializes in creative solutions and engagement strategies for direct mail and marketing – and she uses her expertise to help companies find solutions that can meet, or exceed, their marketing goals. For more information, visit