By Jewlissa Frickey, writer, PostPress

BOBST has launched the new ACCUCHECK, which makes zero-fault packaging a reality. The new ACCUCHECK is an inline solution to inspect carton blanks for defects as they enter the BOBST folder-gluer. The solution is fully embedded into the folding/gluing line, allowing a seamless progression, with no additional quality-control step in the process required. As a result, production quality processes are improved while quality-check running costs are reduced. 

The system detects a wide range of defects, including spots, missing prints, text errors or misregistration. Defective boxes then are filtered and ejected automatically, guaranteeing 100% quality-controlled production.

Customers require zero-fault packaging while wanting to ensure perfect quality production and timely detection of any errors within the production chain. They need a system to identify issues and eliminate sources of errors, leading to quality consistency and client satisfaction.

The new generation of ACCUCHECK answers those needs. It can inspect embossed surfaces with no additional quality-control step required in the process; consequently, not affecting the production speed. 

The folding/gluing line inspection system also is easy to use. The integrated quality control system is equipped with the HMI SPHERE, which provides several operating modes for customized settings and easy operation. This feature is becoming standard on new BOBST machines. In addition, inspection parameters can be saved and recalled, with repeat orders set within seconds. Access rights can be set for different users.

As with the first generation, the new ACCUCHECK carefully checks carton blanks for defects, but now at a faster speed – up to 500m per minute, or 140,000 boxes an hour. 

BOBST also has introduced dedicated inspections for embossed, metallized and varnished surfaces, which are very useful features for producers of high-end luxury packaging. In example, the system can check for an absence and/or misregistration of embossing, as well as detect the lack and/or excess of varnish. 

Other new features include advanced reporting, PDF functions and the new Smart Text Inspection feature, which ensures that even the smallest defects like non-compliant words or numbers are detected. 

ACCUCHECK can be configured to suit all segments, with different speeds and inspection needs for industries such as pharma, cosmetic and food.

Technical Details

ACCUCHECK has a device length of 1.5 m and offers an inspection zone up to 400 x 400 mm, with an optional extension zone increase of 800 x 800 mm. It provides inspection speeds up to 350 m/min (or 500 m/min with high-speed option). 

Inspection capabilities include stable and accurate color measurement; precise register control of print, embossing, foil cut patterns; and enhanced text inspection, regardless of text pose or color, as well as advanced control of finishes such as hot foil, embossing or varnish.

The global control sensitivity can be adjusted within three pre-set quality levels. Moreover, the blank control areas can be customized according to the required defect type and adapt the control sensitivity adapted depending on the application’s needs.