By Lara Copeland, writer, PostPress 

Currently in a period of expansion, Envases Tendero, a specialty packaging company based in Alicante, Spain, recently opened its new logistics center. To commemorate the 2019 event for this family-owned business, the company held a gala and introduced customers to a new machine for manufacturing luxury boxes. Tendero needed special packaging to demonstrate its capabilities, one that would standout and shine; therefore, the Tendero luxury box was created and manufactured as a gift for its guests.

“The Tendero Box fully achieves that goal,” exclaimed Technical and Sales Manager Giulia Gasperini at Gasperini, hot foil and emboss specialists in Prato, Italy. Gasperini collaborated with Tendero on this special project by providing the engravings to create the unique glitter effect to decorate the inside and outside of the box. “Tendero has chosen to rely on Gasperini for the creation of an innovative glitter effect achieved with a hot stamping technique, which makes the finished product entirely recyclable and, therefore, sustainable,” Gasperini commented. 

Tendero-BoxThe design and concept of the box were created by Tendero in partnership with Gasperini. First used and made famous by Apple, the rigid box was manufactured with sharp edges. This technical solution is in high demand in the rigid box market. It also meets a popular need increasingly desired by customers – it is made of a single material. 

A truly recyclable product – since only paper and paperboard were used in manufacturing it – the box is unique due to the aforementioned glitter effect that was hot stamped with Gasperini’s copper dies. Typically, screen printing is the technique used to achieve a glitter effect. “The Gasperini dies provided the excellent result on the finest details, with incomparable precision and sharpness,” Gasperini stated. Made with 99.7% pure copper, the dies also are eco-sustainable and totally recyclable, a theme seen throughout production at Tendero.  

Pulp-dyed papers were used in creating the box. Gruppo Cordenons supplied Black Plike paper for the lining of the box, a “very beautiful, fine paper with soft-touch finish that is perfectly suited for hot stamping,” Gasperini said. The inner box is lined with Metalli Lucidi paper from Icma. Gasperini said this echoes the golden finish of the hot stamping on the lid. A Saroglia FUB/D 56×74 cm machine was used for the hot stamping, and the rigid box manufacturing was done on an Emmeci MC2018. No other printing process was involved. A cooper metallic foil was used to create the glitter effect and wording on the top cover of the box.  

Tendero takes corporate social responsibility seriously by focusing on sustainable development goals, objectives created by the UN in 2015 to help protect the planet, among other things. Working in collaboration with Gasperini and its hot stamping technology aided Tendero in honoring its sustainability policy. “As we know, there is always great attention toward eco-sustainability, and this contributes even more to the complete recyclability of the product,” Gasperini noted. The project was reportedly smooth sailing with no particular problems related to creation or manufacturing. “Tendero and Gasperini worked side-by-side and everything went smoothly,” she explained. 

With Gasperini’s glitter effect designed by its technical department and the manufacturing at Tendero facilities, the box was deemed a success. This inventive collaboration was recently recognized, winning Gold in the Foil or Embossed Rigid Box category as part of the 2020 FSEA Gold Leaf Awards. Gasperini reported that customers loved the box. “It needed to get attention, and that goal was fully achieved,” she said. With this success, Tendero now is working on projects for 2021.