Tech Watch: Spiral Binding’s EasyPunch from James Burn

Spiral Binding’s new EasyPunch from James Burn is a lower-cost version of existing automated punching technology. The machine provides versatile, easy-to-use operation, handling a wide array of paper stocks, covers and tabbed stock.

“This allows companies that couldn’t previously justify the expense of an automated punch to now afford this time-saving technology,” said Joe Bondonna, senior product manager at
Spiral Binding.

Bondonna said automated punching provides a faster and more cost-effective solution to mechanical binding as an operator can load the machine, press the button and walk
away to work on other tasks. The EasyPunch will punch books five times faster than an operator using a manual punch. There are many available punching die assemblies that can be used in the machine to automate the punching of Wire-O, plastic coil, round holes for looseleaf binders, plastic combs and more. Custom dies also are available.

The EasyPunch has a touchscreen control panel and format setup time of less than five minutes using the touchscreen and hand wheel. It has a cycle speed of 50 cycles per minute and punches up to 9,000 sheets per hour. It’s tooling is interchangeable with removable pins, and tool changeover takes about two minutes with storage space for one die. The machine is equipped with mechanisms to prevent paper jams and enhance operational safety. It offers mobility with lockable, heavy caster wheels.

Other specs include:
• Max sheet size – 12″ (BE) x 12″
• Min sheet size – 5.5″ (BE) x 5.5″
• Sheet weight – From 80 to 200 gsm
• Feeder and reception tray capacity – 4″ (two reams =
1,000 sheets)
• Byte thickness – .01″
• Power – 110/120 V (60Hz) 1ph
• Machine dimensions (W x D x H) – 44″ x 29″ x 41″
• Net weight – 370 lbs.

“We received a lot of customer feedback on design and improvements that could be made, and our engineering team has taken that information to refine our design. We are proudly introducing this new machine at the PRINTING United show in Atlanta this year,” Bondonna said.