From the Editor: March 2020 ENews

Hello, everyone! Boy, we are living in some strange times right now, aren’t we? I hope you’re all finding ways to work efficiently and spending more quality time with your families. I know at my house, we’re used to running every night to practices, concerts and other school or sports events. This quiet time at home is giving us the chance to tour museums online, play a few board games and watch endless episodes of “The Great British Baking Show”!

But, what does all of this mean for your business? In this issue of the ENews, we’ve compiled links from the CDC, the WHO, OHSA, the US Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Administration to provide guidance on operating through the pandemic. We know information changes every day, but we wanted you to be able to find the information you might need quickly, and I hope this helps you out.

Also in this issue of the ENews is the sad news that the FSEA•IADD Joint Conference has been canceled. The event was originally scheduled for the end of April in Indianapolis. The FSEA and IADD are hoping to reschedule for later in the year. Of course, this isn’t the only event to cancel in our industry. Drupa and TAGA also have canceled, putting safety first.

So, I’m a “bright side” kind of girl, and I went looking for the positive in this situation – but I didn’t have to look far. Here’s our opportunity to improve our skill sets, to get some preventive maintenance done on machines, to clean the shop floor until it shines. It’s an opportunity to watch webinars and read articles. It’s an opportunity to cross-train employees. And maybe, if we focus on what we can do to make improvements right now, we can all come out of this in a better place when the restrictions aren’t necessary anymore.

If those of us at PostPress can do anything for you, let us know. If there’s information you’re looking for or a supplier connection you want to make, we are happy to help. And, we’ll be looking to put together some webinars to keep new information coming your way.