Level Platens Save Time, Money

While it typically takes about 30 minutes to level the platen on a Kluge press, far more than makeready time can be lost when pressure is uneven. Additional time preparing each job can affect a shop’s bottom line. So how do you know if it is time to re-level the platen? Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does makeready seem to be taking longer than normal?
  • Are you spending more makeready time on one side of the platen rather than the other?

Most press operators know this means it is time to level the platen on a Kluge press. In fact, many operators find it a good practice to do so every couple of years – or after jobs that require a lot of pressure. Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc., St. Croix Falls, WI, offers the following tips for re-leveling the platen on a Kluge press.

Option #1

  1. Place four new bearer blocks on the corners of the honeycomb.
  2. Put masking tape on the platen where the tape will hit on impression using your 1/8″ diecut plate.
  3. Roll the press closed by hand and compare the pressure the blocks leave in the tape.
  4. Level the platen as needed until all four corners look the same in the tape.

Option #2

  1. Lock four pieces of cutting rule in a chase – one across the top and bottom, as well as up and down on each side.
  2. Take any thin paper big enough for all four rules to hit and level the platen until it kiss cuts all four sides.

Not only will leveling the platen cut makeready time, but it also will improve quality and make press runs more consistent.

PostPress ENews would like to thank Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc., St. Croix Falls, WI, (www.kluge.biz) for their assistance with this article.