Martin Yale Introduces Paper Folder

Martin Yale Introduces Paper Folder



The 1811 paper folder has been introduced by Martin Yale, of Wabash, Indiana.

Martin Yale, Wabash, Indiana, has introduced its latest paper folder, the 1811. Designed to require no pre-fanning of paper, the 1811 provides mailrooms and offices in schools, churches, businesses and associations a convenient way to automatically fold a stack of up to 300 sheets of paper.

The new 1811 performs seven types of folds, operating at a speed of up to 12,000 sheets per hour. The fold range is adjustable on both the first and second folds.

Large rubber rollers provide consistent paper feeding, while durable conveyor belts create easy-to-handle, fanned stacks. The 1811 also folds stapled sets of papers up to five sheets through its manual bypass.

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