Sun Chemical Launches UV/EB Inks

Sun Chemical Launches UV/EB Inks


Sun Chemical, Parsippany, New Jersey, has launched two UV/EB inks for primary and secondary food packaging that are compliant with the strictest global standards in the marketplace, including Nestlé food packaging requirements and Swiss Ordinance chemical composition requirements.

The two new inks — SunBeam® Advance EB offset inks and SunCure® Advance UV inks — meet the latest photoinitiator-safe packaging guidelines, are made with no BPA-based chemicals and provide low odor, as well as very low residual extractables characteristics while maintaining the highest standards of pressroom performance at the highest press speeds.

Designed for high-speed web folding carton and flexible packaging applications, SunBeam Advance electron beam-curable offset inks offer high transfer and lithographic water window properties, adhesion and abrasion resistance, outstanding cure response, excellent color recovery after a stop and hold density well to help improve overall quality. SunCure Advance UV inks are designed for food packaging applications and offer run-ability on both super high-speed sheet-fed and web presses.

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