Duplo USA Announces Winners of Shima Awards

Duplo USA Corporation, Santa Ana, California, announced the winners of its first print embellishment competition, the Shima Awards.

Created for users of the DDC-810 Raised Spot UV Coater, the Shima Awards recognizes innovative companies that are leveraging the power of spot coating, texture and tactile effects to deliver print products that are eye-catching and highly profitable.

The awards – named after Juko Shima, the founder of Duplo – were presented to three successful customers during the company’s recent 40th anniversary dinner, and all entries were showcased inside the Duplo booth during PRINTING United. Slate Group, Lubbock, Texas, won the gold award. JP Graphics, Santa Clara, California, won the silver award, while Print Connection, Santa Ana, California, won the bronze award.

For more information, visit www.duplousa.com.