New Coalition Addresses Communications Industry Concern

A group of concerned associations, educators and industry representatives has formed the
Graphic Communications Workforce Coalition.

As stated in its organizing documents: “The purpose of the coalition will be to coordinate the efforts of all organizations representing the broad scope of the graphic communications industry for creating awareness, recruitment of new people into the industry, providing a framework for apprenticeship and training programs, and the retention of the existing workforce. By combining the separate efforts, experiences and initiatives of various organizations, coordinating actions and the sharing of ideas and resources, it is expected that all will benefit.”

This new initiative will address the number one issue that faces the industry today. That is the recruitment, retention and training of its workforce. Numerous studies and surveys have documented that this is a major concern for nearly every company in the industry. Various associations and individual companies have taken steps to address this issue, but there has never been an organized joint effort. The coalition will seek to bring together and focus efforts and energy for the mutual benefit of all parties.

Membership will be open to interested parties representing a broad spectrum of the graphic
communications industry. This will include associations, vendors to the industry, educational institutions and all areas of print and graphic communications service providers. Those interested in participating are encouraged to visit to join the group. Currently, there is no cost to join, only the desire to participate in the process.

The coalition’s aim was to form a board of directors and electing officers at the end of June. While some two dozen organizations already are involved in the process, more are welcomed. All that are interested in being a part of this industry-wide effort are encouraged to join.

For more information, contact John Berthelsen at or 608.575.3904.