Nilpeter Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation

On May 1, 2019, printing press manufacturer Nilpeter of Slagelse, Denmark, celebrated its 100th anniversary. Founded in 1919, Nilpeter started out servicing newspaper printing machines in central Copenhagen before launching its first semi-rotary printing press, the Simplex, in 1924.

With the introduction of the self-adhesive substrate, Nilpeter targeted its business towards the label market, and the rest is history. Nilpeter remains family-owned and -managed, with Lars Eriksen and Peter Eriksen, father and son, and the third and fourth generation of owners, leading the company.

Lars Eriksen, president & CEO, Nilpeter A/S, stated, “While we benefit from 100 years of experience, we are not rooted in what has worked in the past, but focused on what will work in the future.”

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