Müller Martini Launches Fully Automated Saddlestitcher

The founder of Swiss-based print finishing systems provider Müller Martini, Hans Müller, introduced the first saddlestitcher in 1954 when the competition was running about 1,000 cycles per hour. Now, more than 65 years later, Müller Martini offers the all-new Primera PRO.

Whether required for small, medium or large “need-it-now” print runs, Müller Martini’s Primera PRO saddlestitcher can deliver the desired revenues in daily production. It is an advanced and efficient saddlestitcher for the mid-performance range, running at up to 14,000 cycles an hour to ensure efficient production. Time- and money-saving benefits include:

  • Advanced servo technology reduces changeover times.
  • User-friendly operating concept offers a larger touchscreen—and less need for training.
  • Integrated three-knife trimmer welcomes products of variable thickness, while limiting manual intervention.
  • Bar Code/Image recognition with next generation ASIR PRO camera helps validate pagination, avoiding costly re-runs.

Users also can pair the Primera PRO with Müller Martini’s Connex Workflow System, whose modules network processes, connect systems, track production status and integrate all machines, from printer to stitcher, thereby significantly streamlining workflow while reducing errors and limiting costly manual intervention.

For more information, visit www.mullermartini.com.